You Build the Blog, But Will They Come?

Jared Blank addresses that question in his new article for ClickZ, What If You Built a Blog and No One Came? That title caught my eye, so naturally I read the article and checked things out for myself.

Jared Blank’s weblog is one of the Jupiter Research Analyst Weblogs. While Jared’s content is interesting enough, at first glance I would have thought his weblog was about being a Jupiter Research analyst. There’s nothing in the HTML <title> tag or site header about travel. Of course as soon as I scan the blog entry titles I see the travel theme. Unless Jupiter Research has rules against it, I think it would help to add travel-related <title> tag keywords and a travel-related header. The search engines will pick those up, too, which can be helpful for being found.

Another tip to help Jared is about linking to travel-related weblogs and sites. His “Other Links” section doesn’t have any links to travel-related weblogs or travel-related sites. Those sidebar links are to other Jupiter-related sites except for the upcoming ClickZ weblog event. Google has listings for over 1700 Travelogues, and I’m sure there are plenty of good ones among them to visit, build reciprocal linking, and visitors interested in travel would most likely appreciate some related sites to visit, too. I’ve often found new sites from folks linking to mine, and people may find my site when I’ve linked to them, too.

To further promote your weblog there are plenty of sites to register your weblog and find others. A week or two ago I wrote more about promoting your weblog, and the weblog category archives here have more links and resources in addition to the Links Resources.

Another tip: RSS feeds. I dragged my feet on that one and only last month added RSS feeds for my weblog. Aside from the influx of server hits with the RSS feeds now, site visitors to my weblog and archives have increased exponentially faster than before I had the feeds. In other words, I certainly recommend adding RSS feed access. There are also increasingly more articles and tips about RSS, more new feeds are popping up all the time, and there’s even a promising new feedreader on the horizon by Nick Bradbury, creator of TopStyle and HomeSite. If you’re looking for interesting weblogs with RSS feeds, visit the Luscious Links section where you’ll find plenty of good weblogs and sites that list many more terrific sites.

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