May Conferences in Europe: WWW2003, BlogTalk

Tim Berners-Lee provided the keynote speech Wednesday at the 12th International World Wide Web Conference in Budapest, Hungary. Listed below are links to some of the informative coverage about his speech and the conference being held May 21-23, followed by fabulous sites covering the BlogTalk conference in Vienna, Austria May 23-24.


BlogTalk is being held May 23-24 in Vienna, Austria. All aspects of blogging will be discussed, past, present, and future possibilities, and for business, educational, and personal use. Well-known bloggers will be sharing their insight, including Dan Gillmor, Rebecca Blood, Sebastian Fiedler, and many others.

Those of us who can’t be there can connect online via their live from blogtalk presenter posts and RSS feeds, view their presentations online, and follow along with their live video stream. (As of this post the live streaming wasn’t operating yet, so if the link doesn’t work try again later.) The BlogTalk site also has a terrific listing of books related to blogging.

For those attending the conference or thinking about visiting Vienna, Horst Prillinger has a wonderfully informational site about Vienna—things to do, places to eat, and how to get around. The BlogTalk messageboard is a place to connect with fellow bloggers attending BlogTalk, and there are lots of interesting and helpful links about Vienna there, too, including hotspots, cybercafes, places to meet, where to eat, see movies, and more.

BlogTalk provided trackback links for Technorati, Daypop, Blogdex, and Blogstreet—those can keep you busy for months, as there are many interesting weblogs to discover via these links.

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