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Maybe you’ve seen some of the latest weblogs, coined moblogs, popping up with images and posts from the authors' wireless camera phones. I’ve also seen the ads on TV about taking pictures with your mobile phone and instantly sending them to friends. Amazing. So is this just the latest toy or will wireless camera phones sending photos become an everyday way of life just like cell phones themselves? Will we see more and more moblogs? There are some interesting articles, a growing community of mobloggers, and even an upcoming moblog conference that ask those questions and go into wireless camera phones, moblogs, and this fascinating technology. Here are some links to a few articles and some moblogs to check out for yourself:


I’ve added a few moblogs to my Luscious Links listing, where I’ll continue to add more, but here are a few good ones to get you started:

I’ll be adding more to this site’s Luscious Links Moblogging section in the days ahead, too.

Mobile Camera Phones

Lots of possibilities are popping up, including adding a camera accessory to your phone. Here are links to just a few that I’ve noticed being mentioned, although there are quite a few available and more hitting the market every day:

More Info

Be sure to check out moblogging.org for more moblogs, moblogging software, hardware, articles, latest news, and more details. The Internet Topic Exchange has a moblogging topic , too, where you’ll find moblogs, articles, software, and RSS feeds.

Side Note

So have I gotten the moblogging bug? While I’m intrigued by it, my daily routine usually consists of working at my desk most of the day, picking up my son from high school, picking up the mail, running a few assorted errands here and there, walking the dog around the park... hardly the makings of an interesting moblog. For now I can use my digital camera, which plugs right into my computer for uploading, too.

At one point I couldn’t imagine starting a weblog, though, either, so I’m not holding my breath about moblogging, and I admit to checking out the Nokia HS-1C Camera Headset that would work with my new Nokia 6200. My son just may force me into it since I ended up buying myself the same new cell phone that I bought him for his birthday earlier this month.

By the way, I’m amazed with the latest technology in cell phones aside from the camera features, but I’ll save that topic for another post soon.

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  1. Found this entry on my travels. A lovely collection of photographs taken with Mobile phone camera’s.

    Around the World

    07:52 am, pdt31 August, 2003Comment by Sian

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  2. Just so you know, the Toshiba T08 is not Mac friendly. the bigger photos cannot be downloaded to a Mac.

    07:44 am, pst 1 December, 2003Comment by nils

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  3. Nils, thanks for your comment about the Toshiba T08 not being Mac-friendly. That’s an important tip for Mac users!

    By the way, I admire and enjoy your alive in kyoto site and your photos tremendously. I’ve followed it for awhile now. Your photos are stunning, and I love getting a glimpse of Kyoto and your part of the world. I’ve never been there, and your photos really make me want to go visit!

    09:33 am, pst 1 December, 2003Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  4. I bought a usb cable to hopefully upload photos from sharp gx10 phone to my computer but after much searching the sharp website discovered that this cannot be done by either usb or infrared cables- does anyone know if there is software to put my memories on the computer. I cannot afford to email the photos to myself at 40p each- the usb cable seems like a total waste

    05:12 am, pst 3 April, 2004Comment by Jean

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