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26 things, the international photographic scavenger hunt is taking place during July, 2003. This new project looks like a fun way to get creative taking a photo each day during July, posting your results, and being part of a fun and challenging online photography project.

For some inspiration, you can check out the recent Mayday Project where entrants photographed at least one photo each hour for a day. I especially liked Tricia’s May Day Project where you’ll find high quality photos and a fun and interesting, easy-to-view presentation for both high speed or dial-up connections. Jasmin Wong’s May 10 section is another spectacle not to be missed. At only 17 she’s already showing amazing talent. See her Postcards section for more. I hope she continues pursuing photography.

Photo Friday, by Marc North and Nick Feder, is a weekly photography challenge to use your imagination and creativity to photograph something based on the week’s posted theme. Post your photo to your own website, and then submit it to the Photo Friday site. Check out past challenges to see what it’s all about, too.

Two community photography sites are and, where you’ll always find some inspiration to pick up that camera and click away. I discovered Sean McCormick’s gallery, for example, and had more than one of those “Wow!” moments enjoying his online photo gallery, such as Valentine’s Gerbera Daisy V and Flowers from my Wife IX. There are many more there to drool over, too.

Speaking of amazing photography, if you haven’t yet visited the Mount Everest 360 degree panorama from the top of Mount Everest, it’s well worth the visit. The photographer, Roderick Mackenzie, also describes the experience of being there in 1989 when he took these panorama photos. You can view more of Mackenzie’s photos and purchase them via his Everest Views website, too. Incredible scenery, incredible feat that so few will experience in person.

See also yesterday’s post on taking photographs with your mobile phone and moblogging.

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