Camera Phones, Moblogging Continued, and Technology to Change the World

Here are more interesting links related to camera phones, moblogging, and related technology following my post Tuesday, Mobile Phones, Moblogs, and Technology:

Speaking of technology, 10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World by Herb Brody is an intriguing article from the February issue of MIT Enterprise Technology Review. Brody discusses how our lives will change from wireless sensor networks, injectable tissue engineering, nano solar cells, mechatronics, grid computing, molecular imaging, nanoimprint lithography, software assurance (error free software?!), glycomics, and quantum cryptography. You’ll need a subscription to access the above link, but it’s also reprinted with permission elsewhere and in MSWord format. This is the latest in a series of technology predictions by MIT, and reviewing past years' predictions and opinions about them is rather interesting, too.

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