Friday Feast #47: Web Standards, TypePad, FeedDemon, RSS, Moblogging, and Photography

Today’s Feast covers web standards and TypePad, nifty bookmarklets for web developers and anyone who uses a browser, blogs, RSS, Wikis, moblogging, and photography. This was easily put together with the help of Bradsoft’s FeedDemon alpha version that I’m testing by using the “News Bins” that I mentioned the other day—drag and drop links into organized bins to save for reference.

Web Standards and TypePad

A List Apart has a new article out today about TypePad, A Standards Compliant Publishing Tool for the Rest of Us? TypePad is an upcoming personal publishing service created by Six Apart, the fine makers of the very popular Movable Type. The good news also is that TypePad has been designed from the ground up based on web standards. Whether you use one of their many included templates or create one of your own, you can still have a standards-compliant site using TypePad, according to this new article.

For more information, see also Six Log’s post today, Web Standards.

Helpful Bookmarklets for Web Developers

Jesse Ruderman has created an incredible amount of helpful bookmarklets for a variety of purposes, such as web development, validation, and enhanced browsing. Additionally, Jesse has provided browser icons to show browser compatibility for each bookmarklet. Many work for several browsers. [hat tips: Growing Leaves, Simon Willison’s Weblog]

For more helpful browser bookmarklets and links to even more, check out LucDesk’s Useful Bookmarklets [hat tip: Oskar van Rijswijk.]

RSS is Spreading

More people are finding out about RSS feeds, and an increasing number of articles, tutorials, presentations, and workshops are popping up. Here are a few of the latest.

Moblogging in the News

New article on moblogging in Thursday’s issue of The Guardian, Blogs in the frame, Moblogging - updating blogs with photos from camera phones - is really racing ahead, says Mike Butcher. The article covers the growth of picture messaging, camera phones and technology growth, also covers publishing software that includes moblogging such as, NewBay, and more. [hat tip: Tom Hume 2003-06-05.]

Connecting and Networking: LinkedIn

This time I’m referring to social and business connections and networking. Here’s some of the buzz about LinkedIn.



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