More on FeedDemon and Bradsoft

Last week I wrote about my alpha version testing first impressions for the upcoming FeedDemon, created by Bradsoft’s Nick Bradbury. Oskar van Rijswijk is also testing FeedDemon’s alpha version and has a few thoughts about FeedDemon.

For those not familiar with Bradsoft, TopStyle is another software product created by Bradsoft. TopStyle started out as a standards-based CSS editor but is now a full-blown HTML/XHTML/CSS editor. In addition to using TopStyle for those purposes, I also use TopStyle to write my daily weblogs, which I then copy/paste into Blogger’s web form to upload.

Nick Bradbury, the creator of TopStyle and now FeedDemon was the original creator of HomeSite, which he sold to Allaire and is now owned by Macromedia. Nick has a strong history of successful, user-friendly software products, which is another reason why many are looking forward to seeing what he does with his upcoming RSS reader/organizer, such as Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Mike Sax, James Avery, Don Park, Eva Raberg and Niklas Gustavsson, and many more.

OK, it’s the weekend and now I really am going back to grooming my cocker spaniel. He thinks he’s hiding from me and the dog grooming kit but I can hear him snoring now under that table...

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