New CD Release Despite Vandross’s Stroke, Hospitalization

Luther Vandross, king of the velvety romantic voice and R&B, remains hospitalized but is finally semi-conscious now after suffering a serious stroke almost two months ago.[1] Just before his stroke Vandross was working on the final touches for his new CD to be released tomorrow, June 10, 2003, entitled “Dance With My Father.” CD cover - Dance With My Father, by Luther Vandross, released June 10, 2003

You can listen to three of the songs from his new CD at the official Luther Vandross website. Vandross also shares some of his thoughts about this new CD, and you can read more about his music and his life.

The title track from the new CD, “Dance With My Father,” is about his own boyhood memories. His father died suddenly when the young Luther was only 7-1/2 years old. Besides being a captivatingly beautiful song and a sweet, heartfelt tribute to his father and early childhood, Vandross sings it to its fullest, and his voice is incredibly rich, resonant, and expressive, as always.

When Luther Vandross sings you can’t help but take notice and want to become enveloped by his passionate voice, and this new CD is rumored to be his best ever, too. You can hear the entire “Dance With My Father” song and download the lyrics for the album at his official website. Be sure to have a tissue handy, as this one really tugs at the heartstrings. is taking pre-orders today, but it should be out on the shelves everywhere tomorrow, maybe even just after the stroke of midnight tonight at stores that are open.

If you look through Vandross’s discography I think you’ll be amazed at how many of his songs are standards that you’ll know. I always loved his voice and his music but I didn’t realize the huge volume of music he’s composed and recorded over the years. I do hope he recovers and that he’s also able to sing again. As a musician myself I know how much that matters in one’s life.

Tours and appearances are on hold for now, as his doctors, family, and friends watch over him, bring music in for him, read him the latest Billboard Charts, and remain optimistic about his recovery. Let’s hope that in time he’ll be back at it singing again and writing music. You can even leave an email for him at his website, as his family is reading notes from wellwishers to him at his bedside.

I’ve been following the news about Vandross ever since I heard about his stroke last April. Here are a few of the recent articles about him:

[1]Hospitalized Vandross releases new album
Nekesa Mumbi Moody, Associated Press, via the Kansas City Star, 2003-06-09.

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  1. Dear Sir

    I am writting all the way from Namibia in Africa.
    I just want to say, i love the new album by Luther Vandross, especially Dance with my Father. I do not regret buying his music cause he is good at it, love music. It is saddening to hear that he had a stroke, but then i am happy that his recovery is progressing well. Currently i am listening to his new album, it’s great. To Luther’s mom, thanx for bringing him into this world, he amazes me with his love songs, i sometimes wonder why he write these great songs, and wonder what he went through in life.

    I hope he will continue writting songs, his current album is rocking the radio waves. I hope he will get well soon and make the world go crazy with his music.

    Is Luther not considering touring to Africa, cause i want to shake his hand for the job well done!!
    I must say that i know i’ve put my money to good use when i bought this CD.

    Keep on the good work Luther.

    Kind regards

    01:23 am, pst21 December, 2003Comment by Esme Rusberg

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  2. Mr. Vandross,

    I am sitting here today on Christmas day at work thinking of my family, my friends, hopes and dreams. While not being able to be with them today and having your CD Radio city Live: I found out today about your stroke. I am so very sorry this happened to you. My heart, prayers, and hopes, I am sending to you for your recovery.
    I was introduced to your music while in high school by my Mentor (Mr. Willie T. Summerville) who with your music, and many others, helped me through some very difficult times in my life; I am so grateful to you and Mr. Summerville and in that I am here today. So I want you to know from the depths of my heart Mr. Vandross, that even though I have never personally met you, your music has meant so very much to me. I only wish and pray to our father above for your health, your family, your happiness, etc. as you have given to me so much I cannot even place into words. All I can say is this:
    May God be with you as I am in prayer for you! Keep the faith and know I am spiritually standing here with you and thank God for your music as well as a speedy recovery.
    I share with you also a blessing and thank you to Mr. Summerville for introducing me to you and your music.
    Merry Christmas Mr. Vandross to you and to your family.



    04:20 pm, pst25 December, 2003Comment by Troy Brand

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  3. Troy,

    Your note to Luther Vandross is quite touching. I share similar sentiments. He’s an incredibly gifted singer/songwriter. I also pray for his full recovery. He’s got a long road ahead, but he’s also come a long way since his near-fatal stroke in April.

    Unfortunately, my website is not part of Luther Vandross’s and I doubt he’d ever see what you wrote here.

    I suggest you send a note to him through his website at That way there’s a far greater chance that he’ll see it.

    10:42 pm, pst25 December, 2003Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  4. Please get well soon. I love you and is keeping you in my prayers

    05:17 pm, pst15 January, 2004Comment by Jacqueline Anderson

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  5. IMPORTANT: This page is not in any way affiliated with Luther Vandross or his website.

    Messages on this page for Mr. Vandross will NOT be seen or read by him!

    Please visit Luther Vandross’s website to leave him messages.

    05:45 pm, pst16 January, 2004Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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