Friday Feast #48: Bookmarklets, CSS Charts, RSS, Stock Photos, Wi-fi and Wireless

Today’s Feast, as usual, covers a variety of topics, including more bookmarklet resources, a helpful CSS chart, using definition lists, a new stock photo and art site, several links about RSS use, wi-fi and wireless news, and other tidbits.

More on Bookmarklets

When I mentioned some bookmarklet resources in last week’s Feast I figured most folks reading my weblog already knew about Tantek Çelik’s favelets and; however, even if you already know about them, both sites have updates and are more than worth a revisit.


If you haven’t yet visited MacEdition’s Abridged Guide to CSS2 Support, check it out. Since its publication in January Codebitch has also more recently added support for Safari beta 2, OmniWeb 4.5 and MSN for Mac OS X. The chart already supported versions of IE, Opera, Gecko, Opera and others. There are also helpful links and resources not to be missed.

Definition Lists

Definition Lists. <DL>, <DT> and <DD> is a helpful article by Ben Meadowcroft about how and when to use definition lists in your markup. He also provides real world examples and links to more resources.

URLs: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Towards Next Generation URLs is an informative article about URLs for your website, whether dynamically generated or static. They include pros and cons of various approaches, links to resources for more articles, server-side scripting, search engine friendly URLs, and more. By Thomas A. Powell and Joe Lima, port80 software.

Stock Photos

Pix Pics is a new stock photo and art site with work contributed by the Pixelitas graphics group members. Check out the member galleries for many stunning photos or view any of the categorized sections of available stock photos.

The Ethics of RSS Syndication

With the increasing popularity of RSS feeds and people looking into their use I thought I’d mention a situation that caused quite a stir and discussion last fall. A public site was pouring RSS feed content into its pages, resulting in mirroring quite a few weblogs and other sites without crediting the sites and writers. The site finally added some clarification but not before alienating and angering quite a few folks around the Web. Bill Kearney summed it up well in his post September 04, 2002, Nuzee feed flap. More recently Bill wrote a helpful post about things to consider with providing an RSS feed, RSS, headlines or text?

Ads in RSS Feeds?

The Shifted Librarian follows the story about InfoWorld adding advertising within its RSS feeds. You’ll find plenty of links there to quite a few blog posts, discussions, comments, and more.

Server-side RSS

I’d briefly looked at and bookmarked Feed On Feeds, a server-side RSS aggregator, liking the idea and thinking I’d check it out one day soon. Seeing it in action at Brain-off, though, is insightful and helpful. A server-side approach means you have a central spot for your RSS feeds where you can access them from anywhere with an Internet connection. I also especially like being able to see how many new posts have been added to each feed and options like viewing today’s feeds.

Synchronize Your RSS

Speaking of centralizing your RSS feeds, one of the many helpful features with the upcoming FeedDemon is its OPML synchronizing feature. You can upload your feeds to your server to synchronize your feeds with any of your computers, or you can synchronize them via your network, too. I’ve been trying both approaches during my FeedDemon alpha testing, and I see this as another possibility for accessing your feeds regardless of the computer you’re using, too.

Wi-fi, Wireless

  • ecademy WiFi Special Interest Group
    Discussion devoted to Wi-fi, mobile, and wireless—applications, services, business, promotion, investments, and more. The main page also includes related feeds to the latest weblogs, articles, and news.
  • PhoneScoop
    Devoted to mobile phone users, shoppers, and enthusiasts, primarily focused on the U.S. Read the latest news, learn about upcoming phones, phones currently available, carriers, and compare phones, too.
  • TV Phone
    Earlier this week Gizmodo wrote about Samsung’s new cell phone with color TV recently released in Korea. Its built-in TV tuner receives broadcasts directly from the TV stations free of charge. Amazing.


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