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More Interviews with Jeffrey Zeldman

[Designing with Web Standards, by Jeffrey Zeldman]This week’s WebReference Update includes Andy King interviewing Jeffrey Zeldman about cause campaigns, web standards, the recent news about IE6 Win/IE5 Mac and how that may impact web designers and standards, and more.

Also this week is the second part of Jeffrey Zeldman’s interview with Brian Alvey at Meet the Makers. In this second part, Jeffrey talks about the history of his websites, writing a weblog, connecting via the Internet, and more.

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Recommended Books

Web Style Guide - Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites, 2nd Ed., by Patrick J. Lynch, Sarah Horton. Yale University Press, March 2002.

Cover: HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, Sixth Edition. By Elizabeth Castro. Pub. Peachpit Press August 2006.

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