An RSS Feed When There Isn’t One?

While many of my favorite sites have RSS feeds, some don’t yet offer them. Revjim.net has provided a free tool to help, an RSS Update Checker that checks for a webpage change, informing you via RSS feed when a webpage has updated. He states that it’s not perfect but that it can help fill in the gap for those sites that don’t yet offer RSS feeds. See his post, UpdateChecker: RSS based update notification.

I’ve been using the RSS Update Checker for a few sites and this tool has worked great for letting me know via RSS when a site has updated.

Here are a couple sites for which I created the RSS links via the RSS Update Checker. Feel free to use them if you wish to see how this works:

Speaking of RSS, the FeedDemon alpha testing is coming along quite well. Nick Bradbury is tweaking and making an already fabulous feedreader sparkle even more. It won’t be long before a public beta version is ready.

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