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Fortunately some helpful people at the Movable Type Forum had answers to resolve the 404 errors I had with Trackback. The Support Forum’s recommendations with tweaking the MT code a bit and slightly altering the Trackback URL setup in my HTML template worked, much to my relief. Ah, the frustrations of being a newbie to something again.


Speaking of trackbacks, Kalsey Consulting’s SimpleComments provides a way to have your trackbacks and comments listed together, with the trackback count being included in your comments count. To see it in action, check Mark Pilgrim’s site and Phil Ringnalda’s site. SimpleComments are also part of my new Movable Type setup. Even for a novice to Movable Type I found it easy to set up.

MT Archiving Tips

For quite some time now I’ve been looking around at countless sites to see how the archives are implemented with directories, categories, archives by date (day, week, month), in addition to all the features and how they’re utilized and implemented. Now that MT is installed on my server I’ve been playing around at my test area to get familiar with as much as possible before I import all my Blogger posts. For now I’ve imported about a month’s worth of posts while I learn the ropes with setting up an effective archiving system.

I’m deeply indebted to Mark Pilgrim’s generosity sharing his MT templates. They’ve been a life-saving tool to learn about setting up my archiving.

MT Resources

I’ve listed the above resources and other helpful Movable Type resources within the Luscious Links section, Weblog Programs, Tips, Templates: Movable Type. The Movable Type community is tremendously helpful, and the resources available are truly outstanding.

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