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Icons for your Weblog

ETC.’s post Skinable smilies and icons links to some good quality freely available icons, including Skinable Icons and Skinable Smilies.

For Movable Type, using Brad Choate’s MTMacros plugin makes implementing them effortless. You can see this in action at Mark Pilgrim’s Comments section, for example.

01:26 pm, pdt14 July, 2003 Comments, Trackbacks (4) ·

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  1. Now if I can just figure how to implement them… Icons for your Weblog [Brainstorms and Raves] ETCs post Skinable smilies and icons links to some good quality freely available icons, including Skinable Icons and Skinable Smilies. For Movable Type,...

    16 Jul, 2003Trackback from Ks Weblog

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  2. I saw your site as referrer to mine. Thank you for qualifying the smilies as good quality.

    04:12 am, pdt30 July, 2003Comment by JW

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  3. For some reason i am unable to download the icon sets. It’s as if the zip files don’t exist or have been moved. Anyone else have this problem?

    08:13 am, pdt10 September, 2003Comment by josh

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  4. Hi, Josh,
    I tried downloading both sets this morning after reading your Comment, and I didn’t have any trouble downloading either of them. So you might try again—maybe the siteowner fixed the problem.

    Also, I’d suggest contacting the site owner directly if there’s a problem with his website, as I’m sure he’d want to know about something like that.

    Thanks, and good luck with those!

    09:29 am, pdt10 September, 2003Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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