WebVisions 2003

[The Art and Science of Web Design, by Jeffrey Veen]WebVisions 2003 is about to begin with this year’s keynote being Jeffrey Veen, author of The Art and Science of Web Design and partner at Adaptive Path. Go if you possibly can as it’s a top-notch event.

Digital Web has been featuring WebVisions people in their interviews recently, too, so in case you’ve missed them here are the links: Kelly Goto, Mark Newhouse, Dr. U. N. Umesh, Jeff Faulkner, Jeffrey Veen, and conference director Brad Smith. You can learn more about tomorrow’s event at the WebVisions website and there is more info at Digital Web’s What’s New Thursday post.

Two summers ago I attended WebVisions 2001 in Portland and I know from firsthand experience that it is a terrific event to attend and one that I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s a one day event that’s packed with terrific speakers combined with plenty of fascinating and fun people. Portland is also a wonderful city that I fell in love with while there, due in no small part to Nick Finck’s kindness in showing me all around the area during my stay.

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  1. Anyone have any views on the book "The Art and Science of Web Design"?..

    Its one book that I’ve not been sure about getting and would like some opinions from the community.


    12:02 am, pdt30 July, 2003Comment by Kris

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  2. Kris, I’ve written a bit about it in several spots at my weblog, such as Sneak Peeks at Veen’s New Web Design Book. It’s a terrific book. You might ask via the Webdesign-L discussion list, too.

    12:23 am, pdt30 July, 2003Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  3. Thanks Shirley, I’ll give it a whizz.

    Much appreciated...

    PS: Sorry for not digging deeper. :)

    01:53 am, pdt30 July, 2003Comment by Kris

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