The Process of Blogging

How do we go about writing for weblogs? How can we enrich our relationships with our readers? How can we improve on the comments capability at our sites? Dave Pollard wrote his thoughts about this, The Blogging Process. Self-described as:

“A pretentious and presumptuous attempt to document what bloggers have learned, without any formal instruction, to do every day.

“And then a description of what’s needed to make blogs a medium for real conversation.”

Fascinating reading, including an interesting flowchart and comments.

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  1. From the Brainstorms and Raves blog comes this link to another article with a very interesting discussion on the process of blogging. How do we go about writing for weblogs? How

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  2. Interesting bit found on the Brainstorms and Raves weblog with a link to the discussion on how to improve your weblog. The Process of Blogging - Brainstorms and Raves- How do we go about writing for weblogs? How can we...

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  3. Linked from Brainstorms & Raves is an interesting analyzation of some blogging behaviour. It includes a flowchart and some notes for the personalization...

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  4. Dewayne Mikkelson writes a superb article on the blogging process. He gives some indication of the proportion of his own life his blogging activities take up and what he has learned from blogging. Well worth reading. A pretentious and presumptuous...

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