FeedDemon Beta 3a Release, RSS News

FeedDemon Beta 3a is now available for downloading for all interested in giving it a try. The FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 3a Release Notes reflect quite a few positive changes and fixes for this promising syndicated newsreader/organizer.

I’ve just downloaded it, so I have only my first impressions for the moment. The first impression is good, though, and immediately obvious is the fine tuning to the GUI compared to the previous beta version and how much better everything works. Nick has been attentively listening to beta testers' comments and working away at improvements and fixes, and the results are quite apparent. I’ll write more after I’ve tested it further.

I’ve written more about FeedDemon in previous posts, including links to other reviews, too:

Cited Links for has many more listed, too.

The Latest with Weblog Syndication

Also released today is a story by Paul Festa, Dispute exposes bitter power struggle behind Weblogs. Interesting reading.

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