The harsh reality is that there are so many good sites, articles, resources, posts out there. I can understand why sideblogs with just links in them are spreading in popularity. At any rate, here are some terrific resources that I’ve been wanting to share:

CSS Inspiration

Resources to inspirational sites done with CSS:

  • Category: CSS is’s listing of inspirational commercial sites based on web standards. You’ll find plenty here using CSS.
  • ShowCase at’s Wiki showcases CSS sites.

Helping Your Website

More on URLs



  • Garden Djinn is a new Typepad-based weblog all about gardening. Nicely done.
  • magpiebrain by Sam Newman covers code, interesting sites, Movable Type, Java, RSS, and more.
  • Metakappa: Blogosphere is a weblog about the philosophy sociology and technology around blogs.
  • Movies and More is a weblog by Dan Webster providing news, notes, books, and movie reviews.


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