Power Outage Stories, Photos

Weblogs, digital cameras, and moblogging were posting the latest details about what was going on with the blackout. Below is a listing of some of them along with related information. I found myself far more interested in the firsthand accounts and photos than whatever the TV had to say about things.

Firsthand Photos, Stories

What Happened Where and When

  • Blackout Replay is an animated Flash graphic showing a progression of where the electricity went out. Tip: right click with your mouse to zoom in for a closer look. By
  • Blogmapping the Power Outage by Tim Aiello.
  • Loading up for a Blackout is a must read. Fascinating information with charts, plots, and ideas about when the initial problems appeared early in the day. Well written, interesting. By Sparkey, Sgt. Stryker’s Daily Briefing.

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