BBC News Styleguide

Download the BBC News Styleguide for some helpful tips on writing better. Although written with journalists in mind, this styleguide can help the rest of us, too, of course.

“Avoid clichés and improve your journalism with this PDF version of the BBC News Styleguide. The Guide gives practical suggestions on many aspects of journalism style, including abbreviations, clichés, reported speech - and how to avoid irritating your editor.”

[hat tip: Meryl’s Notes]

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  1. David Raynes’ MTSubCategories plugin for MT lets you use subcategories in MovableType, as you’d expect. Thanks to Brainstorms and Raves Another link(Brainstorms and Raves - BBC News Styleguide from Brainstorms and Raves, the BBC has publis...

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  2. The Guardian newspaper’s own style guide is available to download from their website. While not nearly as thorough, or enjoyable to read, as The BBC’s ( thanks Shirley ), it’s still a useful guide on how to “style” particu...

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  3. Back in school we all learned the rules for capitalizing titles. You remember them all, right?! Then there's the Web. Do the same rules apply? If you look around to see what to do, you'll see lots of different things. So what do you do? Meryl Evans com...

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