Follow-up: Movable Type, Perl Upgrades

Today’s post is a follow-up to my MT installation woes from last week. I promised to write about what happened and how everything was fixed, as there’s not much documentation around about this specific problem.

When I tried to log in to Movable Type last Friday afternoon I got an error: “Invalid login.” Thinking I’d just mistyped, I tried again, but no luck. I also couldn’t use MT’s “Forgot your password?” tool since my username wasn’t recognized. Not having a clue why such an error would occur I immediately searched the Movable Type Forums for answers where I found the thread, Username and Blog Disappeared!, User and Blog suddenly gone. I wrote a note there and also wrote a note to my ISP to see if by chance he’d done any upgrading.

It turned out that last Friday my ISP upgraded Perl on that server. Until my Berkeley DB data was also upgraded, my MT installation wouldn’t work.

MT’s User Manual has a Troubleshooting section, and I got the official word from Ben Trott that my symptoms were probably due to the Perl upgrade and to follow the very last troubleshooting section instructions, I changed hosts, and now I can’t log in to Movable Type.

Since the db_upgrade tool wasn’t provided with the Perl upgrade, my ISP had to get the appropriate tools, located via Berkeley DB’s Database upgrade section, including the Access method operations page, which has links to the db_upgrade tool.

In order to do the upgrade, though, my ISP ended up taking my MT db (database) files over to his Linux machine, doing the db_upgrade process, and then copied them back. MT was back up and running, and the rebuild went smoothly; however, none of the images within my posts appeared except on the main page. Long story short was that another Perl upgrade, this time to the high end ActiveState PerlEx took care of that problem.

The next problem, though, was a rebuild halted by an error from Kalsey’s MTWordCount plugin. Swapping that one for EntryContents took care of that, and I was able to rebuild all the posts without any problems. I haven’t discussed this yet with Adam Kalsey, but perhaps he’ll be able to shed some light about why changing Perl versions would incapacitate his plugin when it had worked beautifully before the upgrade. I’ll follow up about this one, too.

The last problem we’re working out, though, is an error that’s preventing us from editing the user profiles. Once we have that one figured out I’ll post what was done to correct that. Here’s the error in case someone happens to know:

fileparse(): need a valid pathname at [path to my MT installation]/lib/ line 710

As I wrote in the Rodent Regatta’s Hosting Movable Type comments:

“... Other people whose hosts have upgraded Perl could possibly run into problems, especially if they’re using the default Berkeley DB. My ISP is thinking of starting to offer MySQL, but he doesn’t yet. After this recent fiasco, though, he’s seriously considering it again. But we’ll see where things go from here.

“I’ll write an addendum to my post about the problems. In a nutshell, though, when there’s a Perl upgrade it typically includes a Berkeley DB upgrade. My MT data was still set up with the old DB, though. So my ISP needed to run my data through a Berkeley DB upgrade script.

“That went along smoothly, but then all the images disappeared within all my posts... except on the main page. Weird. So he upgraded Perl to an even more robust version. Now everything is coming back together, although I’m still working out some plugin changes that I’ve had to make... a couple of plugins don’t like this new Perl version. -sigh-”

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