CSS Floats, by Eric Meyer

[Book cover: Eric Meyer on CSS, published June 2002, New Riders]Floats aren’t just for ice cream and rootbeer. (Sorry, it’s hot here... ) Eric Meyer has a new CSS article, Containing Floats. Eric has an amazing ability to take a baffling concept that so many people have trouble understanding and explaining it in a such a simple way that you wonder how you could have ever been confused in the first place. That’s the case with his latest article on floats, too.

Eric also recently started his own business, Complex Spiral Consulting. It’s about time, in my opinion, but then I’ve had my own business since 1996. It’s not for everyone, as running one’s own business is quite different from working for someone else; however, for me it’s brought the greatest reward and satisfaction, and Eric has plenty going for him to make it work out just fine. As you may already know, Eric was Netscape’s Standards Evangelist, but Netscape is no longer, and Eric chose not to stay on with AOL Time Warner.

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