FeedDemon 1 Beta 5

FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 5A is now available. As always, the FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 5A Readme File outlines the latest changes, fixes, and other information.

Nick Bradbury is certainly moving right now with getting FeedDemon ready for its final version. I barely had a chance to blink after downloading FeedDemon Beta 4 just a few days ago and I haven’t had a chance to write a decent review about how things are at this point. Although there is quite a list of improvements, among the updates is support for AOL Journals, AOL’s new blogging tool. I don’t know whether to cringe or be glad about AOL offering weblog capability. Time will tell. At any rate, considering AOL’s potential journaling volume, it’s smart for FeedDemon to support its RSS feeds.

I guess Nick also read my mind about beta versions—we’re now on Beta 5. At his website he addresses how many FeedDemon beta versions will be released before the final version is ready.

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