Weaving the Web: Review, Comments

Absolutely not to be missed are Tantek Çelik’s review and comments about Weaving the Web, by Tim Berners-Lee: [Book cover: Weaving the Web, by Tim Berners-Lee]

  1. First, Tantek’s initial review, Weaving The Web reviewed, followed by
  2. a fabulous commentary, Weaving The Web quotes and commentary.

The initial review gives a helpful overview of the book and some initial thoughts. The commentary written separately will make you feel like you’re sitting there with Tantek as he reads various parts of the book to you and shares his thoughts about them. Tantek’s review provides fascinating insight and thoughts.

Many reading this already know that Tantek Çelik has helped write the W3C CSS Recommendations, among other things, and his résumé is more than a little impressive. So his review and comments about Berners-Lee and this book were especially interesting to me given his work with W3C.

By the way, I do have a copy of Weaving the Web but I’ve only scanned it, and I haven’t thoroughly read it yet. Reading Tantek’s comments brought that book right off the shelf and onto my desk to finally read more closely.

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