Friday Feast #60: CSS, FeedDemon, IA, the Web

There are so many new sites, articles, helpful CSS tools, and fun and fascinating things to read or watch. Today’s Feast highlights a few of my favorites for the past couple of weeks.


  • Layout-o-matic is an amazing online auto-generated CSS layout tool. It will create quite a variety of CSS layouts for you just by inputting the dimensions and clicking the radio button for full page, 2-column (left sidebar), 2-column (right sidebar), or 3-column. It’s even cross-browser, cross-platform friendly, and clicking another checkmark will give you a box-model hack version, too. Absolutely amazing. I can tell how geeky I’ve become when far too much time passes by as I play with that tool. It can be a fabulous way to learn how CSS layouts work, in addition to using this tool to help you on your way with your own CSS layout.
  • List-o-matic is another fun and helpful tool for CSS, this time for lists and provided by Ian Lloyd. At the moment there are 9 different list styles from which to choose. As I wrote above for the Layout-o-matic, don’t say I didn’t warn you about easily spending far too much time here, in addition to it being a great way to learn how to use CSS more creatively for navigation and lists.
  • Listamatic provides quite a few CSS approaches to using lists creatively, whether for swapping out bullets for images or for navigation. Plenty of possibilities here for your own site, for learning, or for inspiration. Generously provided by Max Design.

Flash and Accessibility

Information Architecture


  • Weblogs and ISSNs is Joe Clark’s latest information and article about ISSNs for weblogs.

FeedDemon’s Latest Beta

FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 6 was released Thursday. The additions, fixes, and changes are listed in the latest Readme. This beta is good into November, so this is a great opportunity to give it a test run.

The Future of the Web

Tim Berners-Lee’s presentation Monday to The Royal Society, London is now available as video on the Web: The future of the World Wide Web. You can also view the presentation slides separately. Be sure to check out Porter’s comments via, too.

Stealing Content, Continued

In less than 12 hours, thanks to so many kind and helpful people, I’ve learned much about the site that stole so much of my site. I greatly appreciate all the feedback. This story isn’t over yet, so stay tuned.

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