Stealing Content Follow-up: Happy Results

After sending off a more formal letter Friday with copies to upstream providers I finally got positive results from the company that stole my content, images, and HTML. They removed my content, images, and HTML from their servers, and I even got an apology. I was also told that the employee responsible was fired.

About the Other Stolen Pages and Images

After they removed the stolen pages and images I let them know that more complaints could be filed against them if they didn’t remove everything that was stolen, not just what they stole from me. I also told them that many in the Web community are now aware of the multitude of stolen pages and images at their site.

Today there is certainly a lot gone from their website, not only what they stole from me. Even their SEO-guide site is completely down today with a note that they’re redesigning. Coincidence? I suspect not.

Of course I let them know that I’d be checking their sites periodically. While I’m hoping this is the end of the story, it wouldn’t be the first time someone took down stolen content only to put it back up before long. I hope they understand that they can and will get caught if they steal anything again. Businesses who operate this way ultimately run the very real risk of being put out of business.

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  1. "You go girl!" :-)

    07:30 pm, pdt27 September, 2003Comment by Kris

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  2. There's good news - after a huge amount of work - at Brainstorms & Raves. Those who robbed from her...

    28 Sep, 2003Trackback from Rodent Regatta

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  3. Stealing Content Follow-up: Happy Results: Shirley kicked some butt. Good for her. Our original post on this (with an in-depth comment from Shirley), is here. "After sending off a more formal letter Friday with copies to upstream providers I finally...

    30 Sep, 2003Trackback from Gadgetopia

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  4. The "stealing" phenomenon happens in government/university circles as well. I’m involved with the creation of many digital maps (Geographic Information Systems) which are displayed and downloadable from our web site. A while back we discovered that a web site had ripped-off one of our maps (which is part of a published map series) and made a flash version of it, complete with the same symbology/colors. It was unbelievable!

    By the way, keep up the great work. I really enjoy your blog and articles. And the articles of "standards evangelists" like yourself. They’re very helpful for us scientists that need to cross over into web development to communicate our research.

    01:47 pm, pdt30 September, 2003Comment by Christopher J

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