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Lots going on to help with CSS:

The Latest WPDFD

This month’s Web Page Design for Designers covers CSS positioning in current browsers, Dreamweaver MX 2004, DOCTYPE & DTD, and interesting news in the web design world, including Adobe’s Creative Suite, new fonts at, and more. That’s only this month’s issue. WPDFD goes back to around 1996, so you can easily spend hours there reading volumes of helpful tips and information, with resources to plenty more, too.

Helpful CSS Tips

  • Bare Bones, No Crap, CSS Text Control Primer by Wendy Peck cuts through all the... well, you know. For a simplified and quick tutorial about CSS, check out Wendy’s helpful tutorial.
  • Styling forms by Luminosity’s Lachlan Cannon has a helpful and simple approach to formatting forms. Well worth checking out, along with the comments to follow.

New Weblogs About CSS, Standards, and Code

A promising new weblog to add to your bookmarks is Redemption through Standards covering web design and development, especially CSS and standards issues. It’s brought to you by The House of Style CSS Resources.

While you’re there also stop by dog or higher, John Allsopps' new weblog covering “the amazing adventures of one guy in a small room writing software.” John creates the software for WestCiv, his software company.

CSS and Typepad

Speaking of John’s new weblog above, check out his post with helpful tips about CSS and TypePad, specifically about Daisy’s style sheet. It’s helpful for anyone looking at stylesheets, not just Typepad users.

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