FeedDemon Now Release Candidate

FeedDemon RSS Reader is getting close to its official release, Friday announcing FeedDemon 1.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1). The FeedDemon 1.0 RC1 Release Notes document the latest of Nick Bradbury’s diligent hard work, fine tuning, and listening to user requests during the past several months of beta testing.

Incredible leaps have been made since the FeedDemon alpha testing began. Watching it unfold as I’ve tested each alpha and beta version has been fascinating and fun, with marked improvements, changes, and fixes all along the way. Having the opportunity to watch top-notch software develop from these early stages to what it is now has been quite an eye-opening adventure. I was and remain incredibly impressed. All the rave reviews are certainly well-founded.

I’ve also mentioned on many occasions that I’ve been using Nick Bradbury’s software creations since his first very early freeware beta version of HomeSite in 1996. Nick has that rare combination of incredible talent, solid business sense, and positive connection with his customers that have made an incredibly successful software business. It’s truly been a pleasure to watch his business grow as he created HomeSite (which he later sold), TopStyle, and now FeedDemon.

If you haven’t yet tried FeedDemon or the world of RSS feeds, this is a terrific opportunity to try it out. Visit the FeedDemon Beta Testing Newsgroup to check out the feedback and tips, too.

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  1. FeedDemon is great.

    It’s probably a known problem but try commenting at a couple of these TypePad blogs and watch the comment windows expand. I wouldn’t know how to word this problem anyway. The bloggers blamed IE but they work in IE, just not in FeedDemon.

    I can’t wait until I can always comment from within this great program.

    07:34 pm, pdt19 October, 2003Comment by Aaron

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  2. If anyone knows that TypePad is to blame, please let me know and I’ll let them know about this.


    07:38 pm, pdt19 October, 2003Comment by Aaron

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  3. Actually, the comment blowout bug only happens in *some* versions of Internet Explorer, but we’ve seen it as a bug on TypePad sites. I know we have a fix worked out, but I’m not sure if it’s been integrated into our system templates yet or not. If not, it should be in place soon, and either way, it’s not Feeddemon’s fault.

    07:46 pm, pdt19 October, 2003Comment by Anil

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  4. Aaron and Anil, thanks for the comments.

    I wasn’t aware of that comment blowout bug with IE at all before. How bizarre!

    The comment box has a percentage designation for the width in both of those sites—one is 80%, the other is 100%. So I’m wondering if IE goes wacko because of that percentage designation.

    The cause, though, certainly seems to be an IE bug. I know it’s not related to FeedDemon or Typepad. I just tried the links you mentioned with IE6 (PC) not using FeedDemon and that weird bug happened.

    Curious indeed.

    At any rate, I’m glad you like FeedDemon! It’s really come a long way the past few months in its development. It’s getting close to being ready for prime time. :-)

    09:08 pm, pdt19 October, 2003Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  5. Actually I hate FeedDemon. It’s far too good. My mouse keeps wandering off all on its own "just for a quick look"...

    I’ve not used any kind of aggregator before and I’m kicking myself - it’s so easy to use. I’ll definitely be coughing up money when it’s out of beta.

    Thank you for the recommendation!

    12:55 am, pdt21 October, 2003Comment by Daisy

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  6. I'd been vaguely aware of these things called "aggregators" but only this weekend did I take the plunge and download one. Shirley at Brainstorms and Raves recommended Nick Bradbury's FeedDemon (Windows only). Very easy to set up, great layout and

    21 Oct, 2003Trackback from ChasingDaisy

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