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Back Soon!

I’ve taken a temporary break from addng new content, but I will be back soon!

06:45 pm, pst 7 December, 2003 Comments, Trackbacks (13) ·

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Comments, Trackbacks: 13 so far. Add yours!

  1. Welcome back! (your blog is in my rss aggregrator)

    12:24 am, pst 8 December, 2003Comment by KO

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  2. Several of you noted that I've inquired about Shirley Kaiser in the past few weeks. In the wee hours this...

    08 Dec, 2003Trackback from Rodent Regatta

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  3. We’ve kinda figured that one out for ourselves by now :)

    "Soon" sounds very promising though.

    Looking forward to your return.

    06:58 am, pst 8 December, 2003Comment by Lars

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  4. Hope things are okay. Your fan club has been missing their Friday Feasts! Glad to know you’re coming back soon!

    09:28 am, pst 8 December, 2003Comment by Steve

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  5. Now this is a good message! Welcome back in the blogosphere.

    I already was wondering aloud if you were a case of blog depri ;-)

    09:37 am, pst 8 December, 2003Comment by Oskar van Rijswijk

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  6. Good to hear, was getting concerned, hope all’s okay.


    12:57 pm, pst 8 December, 2003Comment by John Dowdell

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  7. Good to see that everything is ok and look forward to your updates.

    01:54 pm, pst 8 December, 2003Comment by Sian

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  8. whew, was beginning to worry—nice to hear you’ll be back soon, i’m sure there are many people like me who have missed your weekly posts

    04:06 pm, pst 8 December, 2003Comment by rudy

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  9. Temporary break, yeah...we didn’t notice.

    09:07 am, pst10 December, 2003Comment by Daniel Talsky

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  10. I’m glad to see this post that you are just taking a break. :) Breaks are good. :)

    07:47 pm, pst15 December, 2003Comment by kristine

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  11. Hope things are okay. and look forward to your updates.

    08:40 pm, pst24 December, 2003Comment by jerry

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  12. I have to say...I am dying to know how you made such elegant folding menus! I’ve been all over the web in search of a good one, and yours is the best. Very simple and beautiful, with no flickering images. Have I buttered you up enough for some pointers? : ^ D

    08:25 pm, pst27 December, 2003Comment by Mindy

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  13. Hi, Mindy,

    Many have asked me about this. I went ahead and wrote some information about it at my next post, Collapsible Menus. I hope that helps!

    03:03 pm, pst28 December, 2003Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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