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The New Photoshop CS

If you purchase Photoshop CS, like me you may open the program and initially wonder why you upgraded since the user interface, at least on first glance, is quite similar to the Photoshop 7 interface aside from the new splash screen and logo. There are, however, quite a few major improvements, and I’ve become increasingly more impressed as I’ve used it the past few weeks. Below you’ll find some highlights with links to reviews, comments, and more information. (453 words, 17 links, 1 image)

09:14 pm, pst19 January, 2004





Site Organization Standards?

This article is just as timely today as it was when it was written in 1998: A Standard for Site Organization, by Greg Knauss (with several brains and contributors) at Stating the Obvious. The example root level site structure makes a lot of sense for visitors and for developing and maintaining a website. Since 1998 I suspect you’ll see quite a few sites that follow a similar approach, although there are plenty that don’t, too. (222 words, 6 links)

07:32 pm, pst 7 January, 2004





CSS: Floating Images and Their Captions

SimpleBits' latest SimpleQuiz question asks about the best approach to floating an image and its caption to the right of the surrounding content so that the content wraps around the content and the caption. There’s a fascinating discussion to follow about the pros and cons of various approaches. The entire SimpleQuiz series is not to be missed. (67 words, 4 links)

10:32 am, pst 6 January, 2004

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Friday Feast #64: Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Shortened Words

I’ve noticed that a growing number of websites are providing tooltips and styles for abbreviations and acronyms within content. Later versions of browsers support the abbr and acronym elements, with the exception of Internet Explorer unfortunately not recognizing the abbr element. Today’s Friday Feast provides some helpful links to tutorials, comments, examples, information, charts, and tools related to abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms. (848 words, 25 links)

08:01 pm, pst 2 January, 2004

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