The New Photoshop CS

If you purchase Photoshop CS, like me you may open the program and initially wonder why you upgraded since the user interface, at least on first glance, is quite similar to the Photoshop 7 interface aside from the new splash screen and logo. There are, however, quite a few major improvements, and I’ve become increasingly more impressed as I’ve used it the past few weeks. Below you’ll find some highlights with links to reviews, comments, and more information.

[Photoshop CS]

So far I’m especially thrilled about the more comprehensive (but not complete yet) 16-bit image support, Camera RAW support, text on a path, customizable keyboard shortcuts, more layer functions, and the vastly improved and far more useful File Browser. Here’s an overview of some of the changes and improvements.

  1. Text on a path, at long last!
  2. Improved support for OpenType fonts
  3. Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Macromedia Flash file export: it’s now possible to create Flash animations with vector artwork and variable text in ImageReady CS, bundled with Photoshop CS just as before
  5. Enhanced ImageReady user interface and more image manipulations features and improvements, especially for web design
  6. Major improvements with layer functionality: Layer Comps, nested Layer Sets, and the ability to export Layer Comps and layers as individual files
  7. Vastly improved and fuller support for 16-bit images
  8. Much improved and expanded File Browser with many new features and capabilities
  9. Camera RAW support for both 8-bit and 16-bit images
  10. New support for video professionals, including support for pixel aspect ratio correction and several presets for working at various video resolutions
  11. New image manipulation functions, including Shadow/Highlight, Match Color, and the Color Replacement Tool
  12. All New Filter Gallery Tool
  13. New Automation Tools: Crop and Straighten Photos function, Photomerge stitching tool

Wondering if it’s worth the upgrade (PC upgrade, Mac upgrade) or full version purchase? Personally, I’m glad I upgraded as I use Photoshop daily with my website design business, but here are several reviews and comments that go into a fair amount of detail to help you decide if it would be a good purchase for your specific needs.

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  1. I agree, PhotoShop CS has some amazing new things, I’m amazed nobody has shouted about them before!

    One you missed off is 'auto-rotation' of digital camera images - well my camera at least (Ixus 400) since it saves orientation information into the exif data. It just nice when you open pictures of view them in the file browser for them to be as you took them straight off.

    The Shadow/Highlight is also an amazing invention - it has the power to rescue seemingly ruined photos due to bad exposure - I love it, brings back all the detail where you want and leaves the areas you don’t - and it doesn’t make your photos look 'over-edited' either - it just works brilliantly.

    I didn’t know about the swf export thing - I will go play with that - wonder if it supports swf layer export too?

    Definitely worth the upgrade if you are a digital media fan or pro - if you just do your usual comping yadda then you might not worry, but if you work with media files and media projects then yes - this is the daddy!

    P.S. why is my url 'questionable content'? it wont let me post with it in teh URL box - www[dot]cryokinesis[dot]co[dot]uk ? I’m I bad?

    Also it doesn’t like my the word 'hotmail[dot]com' in the email box! something crap up with your posting system.

    11:17 pm, pst19 January, 2004Comment by Jon B

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  2. Jon, thanks for the comments about the new Photoshop!

    Not sure why you got those questionable content errors, which occurred because of my spam filters, not the posting system.

    1. I just tried your URL and it worked fine, which I went ahead and added in the URL box.

    2. I did get the questionable content error with a hotmail dot com e-mail address, though. I’m baffled about that one since I don’t have anything in my spam filters about hotmail at all. I appreciate you letting me know, though, so I can work on getting that figured out. Sorry about this!

    UPDATE: I reset the spam filters and all seems to be fine now. One of the regular expression filters must have gone wacko.

    Thanks again for your comments about Photoshop, Jon. I’m glad to hear you like CS, too.

    12:32 am, pst20 January, 2004Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  3. Photoshop is really a great software. Now with version CS some new functionalities are added. But,I continue using version 7. :(

    Although I have a CS beta version not yet finishes convincing to me. I know, beta version is not just like a complete version.

    I' m web designer and I have in Photoshop a super power tool that allows to work without problems, from the draft to the final work.

    I think that Photoshop is the best tool of all the times for digital images manipulation.

    09:57 am, pst20 January, 2004Comment by Vuarnet

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  4. The New Photoshop CS: Review of the new Photoshop CS. Answers the question, why upgrade? may open the program and initially wonder why you upgraded since the user interface, at least on first glance, is quite similar to the...

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  5. try opening one of these images in photoshop cs.



    it’s easy to get around though so all adobe did is add someone else’s code (adobe didn’t write it) which they claim only slows the program down "a fraction of a second".

    09:12 am, pst10 February, 2004Comment by Nick

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  6. Nick, thanks for the links and info on this. I’d read some of the comments and complaints about this in a photoshop discussion list but I hadn’t tried to open any currency-like images in the new Photoshop CS yet... until I got your links to give it a try. :-) Interesting that I was able to open the entire 20-dollar-bill image but not the image with just a part of the bill in the corner.

    For anyone interested, I’ve also taken screenshots of what Photoshop CS does: Photoshop CS warning message only (3.3KB). Note the 20-dollar-bill image that I opened with no problem in this one: Photoshop CS UI screenshot with warning message (95KB). Curious indeed.

    01:27 pm, pst11 February, 2004Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  7. i’ve been reading a lot of articles about the newest release of photoshop. the marketing guru’s have decided to throw us all a curve ball and instead of following a logical software numbering scheme they took a page from the microsoft obfus...

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  8. As a person who is still using Photoshop 5.5, I think I will wait to see what the next version holds. I don’t see anything yet that compells me to upgrade.

    03:13 am, pst 8 March, 2004Comment by design 7

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  9. Some ramblings on why I have come to love this new edition....

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  10. [via brainstorms and raves]...

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  11. I’ve just started using CS for a lot of production work, and I’ve got to say that I’m impressed. In fact, the March Color command enabled me to do something quickly that usually takes a lot of manual adjusting: matching skin tones. This is critical when I’m combining separate images of people into a single image, or using multiple images of a single person in different frames of an animation and one of the pics has a different color cast.

    And the file browser is awesome—long overdue. Loads of other features, too numerous to mention, make this a huge upgrade for me and my work.

    06:49 pm, pdt 2 June, 2004Comment by Chapps

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