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XFN™, a simple way to represent human relationships within hyperlinks, is part of the efforts of the Global Multimedia Protocols Group, GMPG, founded by Tantek Çelik, Eric Meyer, Matthew Mullenweg. Below are a few links that explain more about XFN and how to implement XFN within your site.

What do XFN’s Creators Say?

Here are some of the weblog posts by XFN’s creators about XFN. Their posts provide helpful insight, as they also write about possibilities for using XFN, how they’re using them, more information about XFN, tools, and more.

Information, Implementation, Tutorials

Finding Sites Utilizing XFN

Possibly the first and certainly one of the first tools to utilize XFN data is, an XFN relationship lookup engine created by Phil McCluskey. Results for show links to and from this website. Check out the XFN Social Indexes - Top 10 Lists, an index listing of sites using XFN via


Watch XFN: What’s Out There? via GMPG for ever-growing lists of tools, plugins, bookmarklets, sites using XFN, and more.

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  1. I’m not sure that storing semantic information in presentation markup is such a good idea. Despite the maintenance issues (due to the temporal nature of the relationships. Further are se-xual relationship useful?), and the reliability (i.e. anyone can claim to be someone’s 'sweetheart' [does that translate to other languages well?] without their consent), isn’t something like The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project a better way to go with this? I guess both are possible.

    Note: I still consider XHTML to be presentational markup. Its markup is semantic but only in regards to document structure not network or site structure and its goal is to be read by humans not machines.

    10:30 pm, pdt 4 April, 2004Comment by CpILL

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  2. I certainly appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I’ve noticed a few discussions and articles on FOAF vs. XFN but I haven’t read them yet, such as the article at the GMPG site by Eric Meyer, XFN and FOAF. I think they’re both interesting, and I’ve utilized them both at my site.

    I’ll enjoy seeing where this all goes.

    11:01 pm, pdt 4 April, 2004Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  3. That’s a great summary Shirley. Another link you may want to take a look at is my XFN presentation from the recent SXSW conference:

    XFN: Ridiculously Easy Social Software

    03:08 pm, pdt 5 April, 2004Comment by Tantek

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  4. I’ve looked into both XFN and FOAF and found them interesting and stimulating. I have no doubts that they will be expanded to truly capture the essence of what the 'net is all about.

    04:16 pm, pdt 5 April, 2004Comment by Sian

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  5. Matt Mullenweg (aka Photo Matt) points us to a couple of XFN articles (see below) as well as his new...

  6. Photo Matt heeft iets bedacht om je links snel van XFN te voorzien, en Shirley Kaiser legt uit wat het is. (Dutch)

  7. Several new and interesting XFN-related posts and a new XFN tool prompts this new entry on XFN right after my previous post, Friends, XFN, and Hyperlinks.

    08 Apr, 2004Trackback from Brainstorms and Raves

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  8. Friends, XFN, and Hyperlinks...

    23 May, 2004Trackback from bookmarks

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