Searching, Researching, and FeedDemon

User-friendly and feature-packed FeedDemon RSS Reader made its awaited debut a few months ago. As an early alpha tester of FeedDemon, I’ve especially enjoyed seeing how hiqh-quality software evolves from its early behind-the-scenes stages to where it is today. In Bradsoft’s typical much praised user-oriented approach, Nick Bradbury has relentlessly continued to ask for and listen to users' comments and feedback. Currently behind the scenes for testers is FeedDemon 1.10 RC4, where users will continue to find helpful improvements, not just bug fixes.

FeedDemon Search Channels

Beginning with FeedDemon 1.10 RC2, one of my favorite improvements is a major expansion of FeedDemon’s remarkable Search Channel feature.

Thumbnail screenshot of FeedDemon New Search Channel

FeedDemon’s Search Channel feature provides a terrifically handy way to search the Web’s RSS feeds. As of this post there are 13 Search Channels available to tap into for searching. You can optionally also convert the search results as a Watch or as a News Item, invaluable features for saving links to posts and watching for more.

[FeedDemon Screenshot thumbnail: Menu to convert search results to Watch, News Bin, or start a new search]

FeedDemon News Bins

I think of FeedDemon News Bins much like organizing bookmarks by category, providing a convenient way of keeping track of posts and information. I’ve set up News Bins for CSS, Web standards, and FeedDemon, for example, and I can drag posts to one of those News Bins. If using Internet Explorer, I can also drag pages from Internet Explorer to a FeedDemon News Bin.

FeedDemon Watches

FeedDemon Watches are an automated way of letting me know of posts within my subscribed feeds that contain keywords I’ve chosen to watch. I have a FeedDemon Watch for CSS, for example, so when my subscribed feeds add posts containing 'CSS' or 'style sheet' those posts will be added to my CSS Watch. I heavily rely on FeedDemon’s News Bins and Watches as an integral part of my ongoing learning, research, and information organization.

Bradsoft User Forums

Bradsoft has also just changed from years of its popular Bradsoft Newsgroups to Web-based Bradsoft Software Forums for FeedDemon, TopStyle, and User-supported Forums for web authoring, favorite newsfeeds, and open discussions on anything else.

Read more about them and why the switch was made via Nick’s recent posts, Web-based forums almost live and Coming soon: web-based support forums.


I’ve written quite a few posts the past year about FeedDemon that include my adventures with alpha testing, beta testing, tips and resources, reviews around the Web, and related. The Cited Links pages list posts in which I’ve linked to,, and Nick’s weblog:

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