Information Design, Interconnectedness, and Assault Weapons?!

Earlier today I was looking for information design tips, so naturally I went to visit Beth Mazur’s IDBlog. While there I got sidetracked with one of her recent posts, Blogs, Power Laws, and Assault Weapons, about Tom Mauser’s Petition to Renew the Assault Weapons Ban. Tom’s 15-year-old son, Daniel Mauser, was one of the 13 people killed April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School by two students there. One of the shooters used an illegal assault weapon. The Assault Weapons Ban expires soon, and Tom is collecting signatures to renew the ban. NPR’s Morning Edition ran a story on it this morning, too, Renewal of Assault Weapons Ban in Doubt, stating that lawmakers have only 7 days left to renew this law.

Getting back to information design, the animated map of Tom Mauser’s Petition showing relationships of people who’ve signed the petition is fascinating to see. Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea:

Screenshot of Tom’s Petition referral links

Visit the referral links to get a much better idea of how things spread. Fascinating stuff.

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