More Insightful Photoshop CS Tutorials and Books

There’s so much to explore and inspire you just by playing around within Photoshop. [Photoshop CS] Here are a couple of recent Photoshop CS tutorials and books that I discovered as I looked around for new and improved features with Photoshop’s Dynamic Brushes.

Exploring Near-Infinite Brush Variations and Creating Custom Brushes is part of a terrific recent tutorial, Setting Preferences, Customizing, and Optimizing Photoshop CS. The tutorial provides an excellent introduction to help you explore preferences, customizing, and optimizing with the latest version of Photoshop, Photoshop CS. It’s packed with insightful tips and screenshots that are sure to point out something helpful to just about anyone, whether new to Photoshop or an expert user. [Book cover: Inside Photoshop CS, by Gary Bouton. SAMS, Que Publishing, May 2004. This recent article also happens to be a sample chapter from the massive, 1,128-page new book by Gary Bouton, Inside Photoshop CS.

Here’s what this article/chapter covers:

  • How to set Photoshop CS General preferences
  • How to set Photoshop’s File Handling preferences
  • How to customize Display & Cursor settings
  • How to choose Transparency & Gamut settings
  • How to choose Units & Rulers settings
  • How to set Guides, Grid & Slices preferences
  • How to determine which screen elements will be hidden
  • How to customize and allocate system resource usage
  • How to use the Preset Manager
  • How to group palettes
  • How to customize the Shapes feature
  • How to set up and use Brush presets
  • How to copy and rename layers
  • How to use the Tool Presets palette
  • How to customize the assignment of keyboard shortcuts
  • How to set Selection and Mask modes
  • How to set up Photoshop’s spell-checking feature
  • How to use the Palette Well

For intermediate to advanced Photoshop users, check out [Book cover: Adobe Photoshop CS Artistry, by Barry Haynes, Wendy Crumpler. Pearson Education, January 2004.] Hands-On Photoshop CS: Correcting a Problem Image, by Barry Haynes and Wendy Crumpler. This detailed, helpful tutorial with plenty of screenshots and examples, is chapter 20 from their book with CD-ROM, Adobe Photoshop CS Artistry. The tutorial/chapter covers:

  • Setting Highlights with Channels
  • Brightness and Color Cast
  • Saturating Colors and Adding Contrast
  • Improving Selected Color Areas
  • The Unsharp Mask Filter
  • Respotting with the Clone Stamp
  • Converting to CMYK

The above tutorials also provide a glimpse into what you’ll find in their respective books, both of which look outstanding, which is why I’ve written about them today. While you’re checking out the tutorials, meander around their websites, too, as you’ll find an abundance of helpful articles and tutorials in addition to more great-looking books.

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  1. I just attended a 1day Photoshop workshop that was centered around image correction, and much of what is covered in the 2nd tutorial, Hands-On Photoshop CS: Correcting a Problem Image, that you mentioned.

    Now I have a nice written doc of basically what we went through in the workshop :)

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