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Internet Explorer Has Now Lost 30% of Browser Market

Robin Good reported last week that Internet Explorer has now lost 30% of the browser market and the trend is on a continuing roll. In addition, Robin predicts that by December 2005 that Internet Explorer will no longer be used by the majority of Internet users.

[hat tip: Anne’s Weblog about Markup and Style, by Anne van Kesteren]

The Hazards of Creating Websites Based on One Browser

In my post last July, Internet Explorer - Where are Users Going? I wrote about Robin Good’s report at that time showing that Internet Explorer had lost around 10% of the browser market at that point. I also wrote about the hazards for developers who create Websites based on any particular browser, such as the most popular browser of the day.

The reality is that trends change, and the most popular browser one day becomes the antiquated, old browser that few people use anymore. Those on the Web long enough know that Netscape used to rule the browser world, for example.

There’s no time like the present to begin developing Websites based on W3C Recommendations first and foremost. Once your markup and CSS validate, then test in the most standards-compliant browsers first, such as Opera 7 and Mozilla. Once your pages work well in those browsers, then test in Internet Explorer, and then test with older browsers and assistive technology devices. When trends shift, your Website or your clients' Websites won’t cease to display or work correctly. Instead, they’ll continue to work just fine, regardless of the browser.

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