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Google Toolbar’s AutoLink & The Need For Opt-Out is Danny Sullivan’s thoughtful follow-up article today on the Google toolbar AutoLink feature currently in Beta testing for Windows Internet Explorer users. He presents arguments in favor of AutoLink and opposed to it, includes links to various opinions, and he expresses his own views and concerns. This one article explains it all quite well. More: See also my post yesterday, Google’s New Toolbar Embeds Links Within Your Website Without Your Permission. (106 words, 4 links)

09:05 pm, pst25 February, 2005





Neil Turner, of the popular Neil’s World weblog, reported last week about Google’s new toolbar feature that embeds links within your website content without your permission: Google’s new Autolink toolbar feature. Although Neil doesn’t think it’s a big deal, outrage abounds elsewhere, such as at Slashdot’s Is Google AutoLink Patent-Pending By Microsoft? where this new feature is compared to Microsoft’s Smart Tags ploy in 2001. (647 words, 17 links, 1 image)

12:15 pm, pst24 February, 2005

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