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Be sure to check out Digital Web’s latest article on design, The Principles of Design, by Joshua David McClurg-Genevese. This new article also marks the beginning of a new column, Design in Theory and Practice, which will cover visual communication design for the Web.

Speaking of design, Thomas Vanderwahl wrote an interesting post on design solutions, Designing with a Solution is the Problem. Understanding the problem first is key, but as he points out, often the customer wants us to build a bridge without showing us the canyon first. In other words, we need to see what we’re designing for in order to design and build the best solution. If you haven’t thought of design as problem-solving yet, this article will give you some things to consider. He also references another important article not to be missed, Be Cooler by Design, from Fast Company Magazine’s June 2005 issue. This article also points out the common myth that design is only about making something look good. Design is far, far more than that, as we designers have known all along.

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  1. Wonderful linkage, Shirley. The digital-web article covers basics I just haven’t seen gathered so succinctly before. And it was nice to discover from Vanderwahl’s article that I’m not just a problem-solver; I’m a designer!

    01:33 pm, pdt16 June, 2005Comment by spinhead

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  2. Holy crap, that’s brilliant! Thanks for the great linkage!

    09:28 am, pdt 1 July, 2005Comment by Mary

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