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Moving MT Installation to New Server

For the past several days, my ISP and I have worked on moving all my domains to one of their new servers. Next on the agenda is moving my Movable Type installation to the new server and getting that all set up. I’m hoping for some tips or assistance, so I’d greatly appreciate comments here, via my contact form, or email me directly (for those who know my email address). Below I’ve also included some helpful resources that I’ve found researching this server move. (676 words, 19 links)

03:27 pm, pdt26 July, 2005





WaSP, Microsoft, and Web Standards

The WaSP (Web Standards Project) website today reported on two recent face-to-face meetings between WaSP and Microsoft as part of a new collaboration to promote Web standards and help developers build standards-conformant Web applications. The initial indications are incredibly positive, and I’m more than a little thrilled to see this giant leap forward. Read the complete post for more on this. (302 words, 6 links)

07:40 pm, pdt21 July, 2005





Aftermath of London Attacks

First, Brainstorms and Raves is not and doesn’t plan to be a weblog covering current events or politics. I’m compelled to write about Thursday’s terror attacks in London, but my writings here cover how people are using the Internet, especially weblogs, to stay in touch, share stories, and write their thoughts about what happened. Read the complete post for links to quite a few interesting weblogs, photoblogs, and BBC pages with personal accounts. (872 words, 43 links)

04:26 pm, pdt 9 July, 2005





Visionary Workshops and WebVisions 2005 in Portland July 14-15

WebVisions 2005 is coming up next week already in Portland, Oregon. I attended this fabulous conference a few years ago, so I can speak from firsthand experience that it’s a terrific time to learn a tremendous amount, meet fascinating people with common interests, and have a lot of fun. (177 words, 18 links)

05:34 pm, pdt 7 July, 2005




Opera Browser Integrates BitTorrent Technology

This morning Opera Software announced the integration of BitTorrent into their Web browsers. It’s now currently available for download as a technical preview for (TP) Windows, Linux and Mac. Read the complete post for more details, including their press release. (602 words, 7 links, 1 image)

03:21 pm, pdt 7 July, 2005

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