Visionary Workshops and WebVisions 2005 in Portland July 14-15

WebVisions 2005 is coming up next week already in Portland, Oregon. I attended this fabulous conference a few years ago, so I can speak from firsthand experience that it’s a terrific time to learn a tremendous amount, meet fascinating people with common interests, and have a lot of fun.

This year’s WebVisions 2005 speakers includes top-notch experts with highly recognizable names: Stewart Butterfield (giving keynote), Molly Holzschlag, B.J. Fogg, Luke Williams, Peter Merholz, Cameron Moll, Sarah Horton, Sandro Corsaro, Erik Falat, Thomas Vander Wal, Bill DeRouchey, Tom Byrnes, Chris Bond, and Alan K'necht.

Do try to attend this year’s conference that includes Visionary Workshops Thursday, July 14 at Portland State University, School of Urban Studies, and Webvisions 2005 at the Oregon Convention Center Friday, July 15th.

For my review and thoughts from attending WebVisions in 2001, see my posts here from August, 2001:

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