Moving MT Installation to New Server

For the past several days, my ISP and I have worked on moving all my domains to one of their new servers. Next on the agenda is moving my Movable Type installation to the new server and getting that all set up. I’m hoping for some tips or assistance, so I’d greatly appreciate comments here, via my contact form, or email me directly (for those who know my email address).

A little info:

  1. I need to move my MT 2.64 installation from a Windows IIS server to a UNIX server. The new server has MySQL, PHP, and more. My ISP installed MT 2.64 for me two years ago on the Windows IIS server. He did fine then, but he and I would both appreciate any helpful tips and resources about the move.
  2. My current installation uses the default Berkeley DB. I’d like to switch to MySQL, but not necessarily at the same time as the move.
  3. Unless someone recommends otherwise, I intend to install my existing version 2.64 and get that set up BEFORE upgrading to version 3.x or upgrading to a MySQL database. If that’s a tougher way to go, though, please let me know ASAP. Thanks!
  4. PHP isn’t used at all with my current installation. I do plan to use PHP with the new server, but not necessarily as part of the move.
  5. My post URLs aren’t dependent on the post IDs, instead using customized friendly URLs. So the move shouldn’t break all my post URLs, especially as I intend to replicate all the settings I’m currently using with the new server installation.
  6. Deadline: The move must be completed by or before this Friday, July 29th. So we don’t have much time! That’s another reason why I want to keep the move to the new server as simple as possible.
  7. I have several blogs with this installation that make up the Brainstorms and Raves website under this domain.
  8. Eventually I’d like the MT installation to be available for all my domains on the same server (skdesigns.com, websitetips.com, and a few others), but for this move and a tight deadline I’m thinking it’s simpler to keep the MT installation in the same spot as my current installation within this brainstormsandraves.com domain. If that’s easy enough to change with the move, let me know that, too.

Below are some resources I’ve found that look quite helpful. I welcome more tips, links to more info, etc. Thanks!

General Info

Moving MT Blogs to a New Server or New Web Host

Upgrading from Berkeley DB to MySQL Database

Installing Movable Type to a Server


Sticking with Movable Type

For the record, I’m planning to stick with Movable Type for now. I don’t want to switch to a different program right now, especially as I’m moving to a new server with a fairly tight deadline. I need to get this server move taken care as easily and smoothly as possible without making a bunch of changes.

Also for the record, I know Word Press is a great program. I’m interested in trying it, but I don’t have time to figure out all that between now and Friday, especially with all the customizing I’ve done with Movable Type.


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  1. I did this exact move (well, I moved from MT2.661, but still) some time ago and wrote down what I did step by step at New server, new Movable Type, same old inactivity. Hope it can be of any use.

    12:19 am, pdt27 July, 2005Comment by Jakob S

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  2. Thank you, Jakob! Much appreciated.

    11:14 am, pdt27 July, 2005Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  3. How did it go? Run into any snags or have comments you’d like to share for those of us planning to move MT soon, as well?

    12:47 pm, pdt 6 August, 2005Comment by J. J.

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  4. J.J., thanks for your comment. I’m actually in the midst of writing a new post about the move to the new server. All in all, it went pretty well, although not without its frustrations, that’s for sure!

    The new server and use of MySQL for the database make an incredibly positive difference, though. So I’m even more glad that my ISP added a new server and moved my websites to it, including this one. :-) It was clearly worth all the time and effort. Details coming shortly within a new post.

    Update: The post is now online at Successful Weblog Server Change!

    07:33 pm, pdt 6 August, 2005Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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