Favicon Plugin for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro

Looking around for a Photoshop plugin to create several favorites/shortcut/bookmark icons as favicon.ico files, I found a great plugin that works beautifully, and it’s even free: Free Photoshop ICO Format plugin via They state that it works with all versions of Photoshop, including CS and CS2, and that it also works with Paint Shop Pro. Actually, you’ll find quite a few interesting plugins there for Windows and Mac.

I finally broke down and created a few for my websites because I’m tired of having the error logs show that it’s missing all the time. Clearly, trying to create something that makes sense and actually looks good in a tiny little 16x16 pixel square takes some skill and talent, that’s for sure. While it’s simple enough to make one, making one that looks good is another matter! I’ve long admired those who can create such incredible icons.

For more on the favicon.ico and how to create them, see What is Favicon.ico? Personalise Your Site’s Bookmark by Christopher Heng at

For more on creating icons that stand out from the rest or seeing examples of those that do, see a couple of my earlier posts, All About Icons and Creating Great Ones and Inspiration: Icons, Their Designers and Web Sites.

See also my’s Web Resources section on Icon Creation, Editing Software, Plugins, and Related Tutorials for more on creating favicons.


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  1. Did you know about which allows you to upload an image in any proportion and of a reasonable size? You can make your photo quality icon at, say, 300px x 300px, then upload it and download your icons. Really good icons take a little time, but it’s really not difficult. Rgds from a soggy Switzerland!

    03:56 am, pdt23 August, 2005Comment by Mark Howells

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  2. What a coincidence! I found this exact same site last week when the online tool I had used previously was unavailable. Excellent tool.

    05:23 am, pdt23 August, 2005Comment by Peter Holloway

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  3. It’s about time! LOL, I had to make one for you when I added your excellent Semantics, HTML, XHTML, and Structure to my list of resources. I guess now I’ll have to update it to match yours.

    A nice little Windows app I use for this sort of thing is called IconXP.

    11:24 pm, pdt23 August, 2005Comment by Douglas Clifton

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  4. Also, one of the masters of icons, in my opinion, is Jakub Steiner aka jimmac. To quote him "At 16x16, you’re not limited. You’re empowered."

    11:35 pm, pdt23 August, 2005Comment by Douglas Clifton

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  5. Thanks, info about things like these is highly appreciated.

    12:55 pm, pdt 8 September, 2005Comment by Fatalis Erratum

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