Helping Those Impacted by Hurricane Katrina

Like many of us, I’ve been glued to the TV watching the latest news on Hurricane Katrina. The devastation is heart-wrenching. There’s news all over the Web, of course, about what’s going on, including weblogs popping up. Today’s post includes a selection of helpful links of how to help and how to follow the coverage of this horrendous disaster.

In addition to links to latest news and personal accounts, if you’d like to lend some kind of help to those impacted by Hurricane Katrina, a good place to start is via the Katrina Help Wiki. They list information about volunteers needed, support and relief information, news resources, and so much more. Google News is constantly updating.

A few other helpful and information sites are:

The devastation is so widespread, and as I write this post, the TV (such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC) shows live coverage of people being rescued from rooftops via helicopter rescue teams where flood waters are so high that only the roofs of homes are visible. The numbers who lost their lives will continue to increase as rescue and recovery teams risk their own lives trying to help others. The SuperDome in New Orleans with 24,000-30,000+ people, acting as a last-resort shelter, now must be evacuated due to the rising flood waters from the levee breaks. How are they going to get them out and to safety?!

All those living in these areas really need our help. If you donate funds or supplies, watch out for scams that are already cropping up. You might consider sticking with the well-known sources, such as the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army. The above Katrina Help Wiki has information on how to help, too.


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  1. Most of the best info is coming from WWL out of N.O. (wwltv.com). They’re broadcasting via their website from 5:30am to 10:30p from a makeshift studio (they had to evacuate their French Quarter offices.)

    08:51 pm, pdt30 August, 2005Comment by Cena

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  2. Please help us get the word out via a grass roots effort to get our website out to as many people possible.

    It’s a place where people can register thier information to provide longer term housing for the victims by opening up thier homes in case the American Red Cross needs this.

    It’s just a database to give to the authorities when they need it.

    Thanks for all your help and telling everyone you know about the site.

    John Piszkin
    Great American Rescue

    06:33 pm, pdt 2 September, 2005Comment by John

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  3. I took time out yesterday to call the local chapter of the Red Cross, and it turned out I had nothing to offer them Right Now, but they expressed a willingness to sign me up for their response training class. Thence probably their first responder training, because I haven’t been certified since high school (Red Cross BAT certfication was required to pass 9th grade in the distict where I attended school that year).

    ...Then there’s the fact that there will still be a need for help even after this event has passed from the front pages.

    And... hi, Shirley! (Peek-a-boo!)

    06:02 pm, pdt 3 September, 2005Comment by ben

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