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While there are certainly quite a few color tools available for creating color schemes and color matching, there’s a new one out now by Genometri - GenoColor that takes a very different approach to creating color schemes. GenoPalette will help you create eye-popping color schemes, color combinations, match existing colors, fine tune colors, and calibrate colors.

As they state,

GenoColor presents a different way of understanding and working with color. Color happens when light shines onto an object and you look at it. All presently available color tools and rules start with the color of an object or the color of light. GenoColor starts with your mind.

Currently available at their site is a free GenoSwatch color matching software for creating endless color harmonies, and their try-before-you-buy software, GenoPal color picker and color matching software. They plan to have a free online version of GenoSwatch soon, too. Currently their software is only available for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

I haven’t tried either of the above as of this post, but I plan to download them and give them a try. Well worth checking out.


My site has a color section with color tools and charts and a listing of resources on color and color tools:

And the Usual Disclaimer

As usual, no one has offered me money, software, or made me an offer I couldn’t refuse to write any of this. I learned about them today for the first time when their company submitted an email site recommendation for my site.

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