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New Web Accessibility Articles, Accessible Style Switching

There are lots of great new and recent articles, tutorials, and tips about Web accessibility. Today’s post includes links to articles and tutorials on Web accessibility in general, accessible forms, accessible style switching, including my own site’s style switching, accessibility and the blind and low vision users, helpful accessibility tools for Web developers, and more. (1412 words, 42 links)

03:29 pm, pdt12 October, 2006





Meet Penelope: Eudora and Thunderbird Join Forces for Email Software, and How Much it Matters for My Web Design Business

I learned in the Eudora discussion list this morning that my long-time favorite email program, Eudora, is going open-source. Mozilla’s new Penelope project is born. This move also made me reflect on the critically important role of email software with a Web design business. Today’s post covers Eudora’s major move, the important role of email software, especially in my small Web design business, and some of the current email software options. (1059 words, 20 links, 1 image)

09:57 am, pdt11 October, 2006

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Part 2: User-friendly Contextual Navigation with Simple PHP Includes

Building on the previous post, User-friendly Contextual Navigation with Simple PHP Includes, I thought I’d take things one small and simple step further by using PHP once again, this time to add a CSS class for the current page. Then it’s easy to use this CSS class to create a helpful visual cue within your navigation. Read the entire post for a simple way to accomplish this, PHP code, markup, CSS, and graphic examples. (1001 words, 5 links, 4 images)

09:07 pm, pdt 9 October, 2006

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