Join Us! BrowserCam Subscription via Fundable Available

The BrowserCam pool via that I belong to is up for its annual renewal. It has a few openings for subscribers this time around. This subscription is for the BC-Complete plan, and the cost is US $26 for the 12-month subscription via (information below). US $499.95 is the cost otherwise, so this is a fantastic value!

12 months of recurring unlimited access. Unlimited access to the Capture service and unlimited access to 30-minute Remote Access sessions on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

This one is a great plan. I use it all the time with my Web design business and my own sites.

I can’t imagine life without BrowserCam. Well, actually I can. I went to use it earlier today and our pooled subscription is now expired, so I’m going a little nuts here! I desperately need to use it for testing a site design I’m working on right now. Ugh! Needless to say, I’m hoping we fill the pool quickly.

You can learn more about the BrowserCam plans at the BrowserCam site and also give it a try for free, too:

You can sign up here for our fundable pool: Browsercam Renewal Group

NO money is taken until the pool is filled. If it doesn’t fill, you don’t get charged.

Follow-up 19 Dec. 2006:

The above BrowserCam pool is now all booked up. If you missed out on this one and you’re still looking, though, just do a search at for others, as there are always more popping up with various plans.

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