Tool to Automatically Harmonize Colors

Andy King has a new article out on a fabulous color tool that automates the enhancement of color harmonies for photos or images. Automatic Color Harmony Tools first explains a bit about color harmonies and color psychology, and even snails' involvement in creating purple dye. Andy then describes how the color harmonization process works and provides several image examples along with the math calculations behind creating the best harmonic scheme. He goes on to describe how this automated tool preserves the original colors, the spacial coherency, and density of hues while automatically harmonizing the colors—all without user intervention. Amazing. The before and after samples give an idea of the results. You’ll also find a great listing for further reading, too.

Andy’s summary:

Make your designs sing in four-part color harmony with these automated color harmonization tools. We review a joint effort by Microsoft and Tel Aviv University to automatically enhance the color harmony of an image.

Developed by researchers from Tel Aviv University and Microsoft, the bad news is that Microsoft currently has no plans to release this helpful and amazing tool to the public. Perhaps if enough people inquire about it, they’ll change their minds!

Book cover: Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization, by Andy King (New Riders, January 2003). The above article is part of Andy’s Speed Tweak of the Week series. You’ll find plenty more interesting articles at Andy’s site, too. As many of you already know, Andy is also the author of the popular book, Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization.

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  1. Wow! If that can be made into a Photoshop plugin, that would be amazing.

    03:20 pm, pst18 January, 2007Comment by Ian Adams

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