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IE7, Firefox Browser Percentages in Stats Logs

I’ve been watching my browser stats the past few months to see how quickly Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) use grows and how Firefox and other browsers are doing, too. For anyone curious about seeing trends for various sites, I created the charts below to share three of my sites' browser trends from September, 2005 through January, 2007.

Summary of what I found: while the percentages are quite different for each site below, each reflects a marked jump in growth of IE7 users the past three months. IE6 users are on a continued overall decline, increasingly so with the availability of IE7. At the same time, Firefox percentages are on an overall increase.

What you see reflected in the charts may or may not surprise you. Personally, I’m a little more surprised by the overall percentage differences among these three sites, especially the IE6 and Firefox percentages. This shows that every site is indeed unique!

  • IE7 = Internet Explorer 7
  • IE6 = Internet Explorer 6
  • FF = Firefox
MonthIE6 %IE7 %FF %Others %
Jan '0736.715.125.721.5
Dec '0641.311.824.821.0
Nov '0647.56.424.920.0
Oct '0648.52.529.521.5
Sep '0658.71.621.616.8
Aug '0655.
Jul '0643.11.115.939.3
Jun '0640.
May '0652.80.815.529.5
Apr '0654.20.414.629.4
Mar '0649.30.315.033.9
Feb '0645.60.415.537.0
Jan '0639.
Dec '0541.00.015.742.2
Nov '0538.10.015.544.5
Oct '0544.20.014.944.4
Sep '0545.
MonthIE6 %IE7 %FF %Others %
Jan '0752.521.217.87.7
Dec '0654.614.322.07.6
Nov '0666.59.817.65.3
Oct '0670.
Sep '0674.41.813.26.6
Aug '0672.01.717.77.2
Jul '0667.41.623.36.3
Jun '0669.20.919.38.6
May '0676.50.613.17.6
Apr '0674.
Mar '0676.
Feb '0676.
Jan '0675.
Dec '0576.
Nov '0577.
Oct '0572.
Sep '0569.
MonthIE6 %IE7 %FF %Others %
Jan '0737.319.834.38.0
Dec '0640.216.334.78.1
Nov '0646.
Oct '0650.66.934.37.5
Sep '0653.
Aug '0654.82.733.08.7
Jul '0655.62.531.89.0
Jun '0655.
May '0656.81.631.19.5
Apr '0656.40.830.610.7
Mar '0658.20.730.49.2
Feb '0658.60.630.09.3
Jan '0661.
Dec '0561.
Nov '0562.
Oct '0561.
Sep '0561.

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