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Respecting Copyrights Online, Part 2

In my previous post I stated that I had 'no current plans' to divulge the person behind my copyright infringement example. Although this person removed the content, images, and HTML that he took without permission from my site (only after I took drastic measures), he continues to add new content to his weblog that is copyrighted from other websites. Today’s post is a follow-up to my previous post, Respecting Copyrights Online. (1200 words, 22 links)

12:04 pm, pdt12 March, 2008





Respecting Copyrights Online

Despite how much I see this, I’m still amazed at the volume of people taking copyrighted content, images, and other works online to use at their own sites, to pass off as their own, to earn income with AdSense or other ad programs, to even sell to their own clients, and whatever else. Like many others, I have also had my copyrighted work taken by others. So, how do you know if something is OK or not to use at your own website? And what can you do about people infringing on your copyrighted materials? Today’s post goes into copyright infringement and includes helpful resources for more information. (1263 words, 8 links)

07:38 pm, pst 3 March, 2008

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