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  • Accessibility (76)
    How to make your site more accessible, the latest W3C WAI Guidelines information, U.S. 508 guidelines, worldwide country regulations and guidelines, and related tips, tutorials, resources, and news about creating a more accessible website.
  • AdSense (3)
    Google AdSense news, tips, tutorials, how to best implement and optimize AdSense contextual ads for Web sites, making money with Google AdSense, AdSense for Content, AdSense for Mobile, AdSense for Search, AdSense for Video, and more.
  • Art (6)
    All about art, artists, famous photographers, museums online and off, research about art, creativity, and related.
  • Books (84)
    The latest recommended books and reviews about Web design, CSS, standards, site development, usability, graphics, creativity, business, weblogs, photography, fonts and typography, and more.
  • Browsers (99)
    All about browsers and browser-related software, tips, tutorials, and latest news, especially regarding Web design, standards, CSS, accessibility, usability, browser features, bugs, cross-browser and cross-platform design, and related -- including Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, iCab, Lynx, AOL-Time Warner's role, Microsoft, and other companies and browsers.
  • Colophon (32)
    Posts related to the design, redesign, typography, graphics, markup, maintenance, and management of this site.
  • Content (62)
    All about writing for the Web, creating good content, grammar tips, resources, and related about content and writing.
  • CSS (160)
    Posts with the latest CSS tutorials, CSS tips, news, resources, info related to CSS - Cascading Style Sheets, such as CSS layouts and positioning, CSS navigation menus, best practices, solutions to browser bugs, CSS and PHP, and more.
  • Design (243)
    Web design and development, inspiration, creativity, and related tips, tutorials, resources, and news. Includes related web standards, software, hardware, helpful tools.
  • Development (131)
    Website development issues, articles, resources. Markup, CSS, standards, PHP, JavaScript, programming, regular expressions, and related.
  • Friday Feast (70)
    Every Friday brings a potpourri of links to plenty of fascinating sites, sometimes on a variety of topics and sometimes an indepth exploration of one topic, usually related to Web design, graphics, the Web, photography, typography, or other topics discussed at this weblog.
  • Graphics (73)
    All about graphics for the Web, print, tutorials, tips, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and other software, plugins, resources, photography, digital cameras, and related.
  • Humor (11)
    The Humor category includes the lighter side of life, with humor, jokes, cartoons, movies, music, and humor-related links about Web design, politics, life in general, and anything else that's funny, silly, or light-hearted.
  • Illustrator (4)
    All about Adobe Illustrator - tutorials, tips, resources, free Illustrator brushes, symbols, patterns, actions, vector images, reviews of the latest Illustrator versions, plugins, resources, and more.
  • Information Architecture (43)
    Best practices about IA (Information Architecture) mostly related to websites and online experiences -- such as organizing websites, site navigation, archiving, lasting URLs and URIs, related Movable Type tweaks and plugins, conferences, software and tools, and more related to IA.
  • Internet (83)
    All about the Internet and the World Wide Web, latest news, trends and changes, fascinating facts, people, laws and legislation, software and hardware that may impact Internet use or surfing the Web, and related. This category includes both the Internet and the Web.
  • Marketing (1)
  • Moblogs (6)
    All about moblogs, mobile use of cameras and weblog posting, digital photography, cellphones, mobile phones, PDAs, and related technology.
  • Movable Type (36)
    Tips, tutorials, templates, and links to lots more, including plugins, scripting, and the latest about Movable Type, weblogs, and content management publishing tools.
  • Music (24)
    Music and creativity, music for Web design, offices, or work, musicians and music news, recommended CDs and DVDs, Internet radio, online music and music-related websites, music searching, MusicXML and other music notation, fun music diversions.
  • Personal (51)
    Occasional posts related to personal lives of friends, family, colleagues, or myself.
  • Photography (44)
    All about photography in its many forms, including traditional photography, digital photography, photologs, photoblogs, moblogs, techniques, tips, tutorials, eye-catching photos, software, equipment, resources, info about well-recognized photographers, such as Ansel Adams, unknown talent, plenty of resources and info around the Web, and more.
  • Photoshop (41)
    All about Adobe Photoshop - tutorials, tips, resources, free Photoshop brushes, patterns, actions, Photoshop Lightroom, reviews of the latest Photoshop versions, Photoshop plugins, resources, photography and Photoshop, digital cameras, and more.
  • PHP (3)
    Posts with PHP tutorials, tips, and PHP code, links to the latest PHP tutorials, PHP tips, news, resources, information, and code related to PHP. CSS and PHP navigation menus, PHP includes, building sites with PHP, best practices for PHP, and more.
  • Politics (29)
    Current events, 9/11 attacks, terrorism, political views in the U.S. and worldwide, political humor, and related.
  • Press Releases (37)
    Press releases posted at Brainstorms and Raves, related stories and info, resources, and discussion of press releases elsewhere -- Web design, Web development, software, browsers, standards, books, music and related.
  • Research (14)
    Posts related to research or researching, libraries, librarians, journalists, related technology, websites, Web design, Web development, the Internet, the WWW.
  • Reviews (76)
    Reviews at Brainstorms and Raves related to Web design, Web development, standards, software, graphics, websites, books, music, and more. The Reviews category also includes posts about reviews elsewhere.
  • SEO (24)
    Search engine optimization, rankings, design, search engine and search directory tips, news, and resources
  • Sept 11 Attacks (36)
    News, information, photos, weblogs around the Web, and more, remembrances about the attacks September 11, 2001 in the U.S.
  • Software (155)
    Software recommendations, news, tips, tutorials, and resources -- related to Web design and development, graphics, photography, the Web, the Internet, RSS, content management systems, weblogs, wireless technology, Windows, Mac, Linux, standards, and other areas of interest.
  • Standards (194)
    Covers W3C activity and recommendations, especially related to CSS, HTML, XHTML, SVG, the latest with the Web Standards Project (WaSP), Web-related standards news, tips, tutorials, browsers and standards compliance, trends, resources.
  • Syndication (27)
    Syndication, syndication formats, RSS feed readers, aka news feed readers or XML feed readers, and related news feeds software, content management with syndication. Includes Atom, RSS, RDF, standardizing tags, the former ECHO project, links to related sites, and related issues and resources.
  • Technology (58)
    News, information, tips, and links about technology and the impact of new technologies on the Web, Web design and development. Examples: Wi-Fi and wireless technology, GPS, cameraphones and moblogging, PDAs, cell phones, and other alternative technologies for Web and Internet access, speech recognition technology, computers, software to support and utilize new technologies, and trends.
  • Typography (46)
    Posts related to typography, fonts, font foundries, news, websites, weblogs, software, tutorials, tips, resources.
  • Usability (84)
    Best practices, tips, information, and resources about usability mostly related to websites and online experiences -- such as site navigation, fonts and font-sizing, page redirects, friendly URLs and URIs, cross-browser issues and usability, age groups and needs, accessibility, information architecture.
  • Web Biz (43)
    Tips, tutorials, resources, ideas, creative outlets, creative blocks, time management, writing, software, hardware, copyright laws, contracts, working with clients, employees, the Internet, the Web, and more related to running a Web design business or Web-oriented business.
  • Weblogs (125)
    Tips, tutorials, templates, and links to lots more, including plugins, scripting, and the latest about weblogs, Movable Type, and content management publishing tools.
  • Wireless (18)
    Wireless, Wi-Fi, HotSpots, networking, mobile, related software, technology and resources.

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