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  • 30 Free Website Icons, Blog Icons, Symbol Icons

    Thanks. Keep up the good work!

    07:17 am, pdt11 April, 2008Comment by UzBlogger

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  • Respecting Copyrights Online, Part 2

    If he’s hotlinking to the users site, then it would be great fun, childish (but fun) to replace the images on the hosting server with certain other images that may not be flattering to his business. That will often wake the offender (and the readers) up to the gravity of the situation and what they are up to.
    I’ve had one site taken down due to copying my page content and design without permission so I know it can happen to everyone. In my case I used my log files to find out someone had hotlinked images.

    02:11 pm, pdt13 March, 2008Comment by Andy

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  • Respecting Copyrights Online, Part 2

    Bella, oh, what a bittersweet comment. I’m so sorry to hear about this guy in Chicago stealing the artwork and selling it on eBay. I’m also thrilled to hear he’s gotten caught and that he is and will be paying the consequences for his deceit and thievery.

    And yes, I so agree with you that all too often these copyright infringers think they’re so anonymous. Five hours to track down and catch that guy stealing the artwork isn’t very long at all, especially for a crime of that nature.

    For my own copyright infringement problems it typically doesn’t take me long at all to find them, find out their webhosts, and other pertinent information to send the Cease and Desist notices. I have several ways of catching them, but I don’t want to reveal those publicly here.

    I will say, though, that search engines are great for finding them, of course.

    There are also services such as Copyscape that monitor sites and content for you and send you updates and alerts specifically looking for potential copyright infringement.

    Google Alerts is also a great tool. I originally started using it to get alerts when people link to one of my sites, but it’s also handy for catching copyright infringers.

    Bella, I’m so glad you wrote this comment. I’m thrilled this guy stealing the artwork in Chicago got caught! I hope in addition to jail time that he also has to pay back every penny he made from selling this artwork fraudulently! I’ve been hearing of this happening more lately.

    I also hope there’s plenty of publicity about your artwork thief getting caught. At a minimum, if your local news stations don’t know about it yet, they might enjoy that story. And it could also help deter others from doing the same thing.

    It is truly my hope that my posts on this issue can be of help, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that this information really IS helping. Thanks so much for letting me know. You made my day... even though I also wish this theft problem didn’t exist at all!

    06:16 pm, pdt12 March, 2008Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  • Respecting Copyrights Online, Part 2

    This is incredible. This dirtbag loser is blatantly copying, word for word, someone else’s hard work and passing it off as original. After one or two pages I thought there was no way it could go on, and it only went on and on... Disgusting.

    Because of information in your first copyright section, a few of us very observant local artists have now nailed a person in Chicago who was stealing artwork online and selling it on Ebay.

    Hiring an attorney did it. Now the guy is in all kinds of hot water and it looks like he will be for quite some time to come.

    It’s fascinating how so many plagiarists feel they are anonymous—it took all of about 5 hours to find out who this guy was who’d stolen the artwork. It seems the higher organizations became quite interested in him as well.

    In spite of being the lowest of the low, they continue to do it, but it has become rather entertaining watching the law take these thieves down. They think it’s okay—it isn’t. They are now being closely watched. The trick here, as you said, is to make sure we all stay vigilant to what is happening online and report the infringements to whomever we can so that everyone knows what’s going on.

    Bravo Brainstorms and Raves for posting these articles. It helped us nab one of the thieving scum who ruin it for everybody.

    04:09 pm, pdt12 March, 2008Comment by Bella

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  • Respecting Copyrights Online

    Hi, Gary,
    Thanks for your comment. Regarding webhosts, I’m not sure what the laws are, but I do know that they could be listed in lawsuits... but I’m not an attorney, so I don’t know how it all works. At the minimum, though, every single webhost I’ve contacted over the years regarding copyright infringement has taken the issue VERY seriously, and they always respond quickly and ensure that the copyrighted materials are removed from their servers. Most of the time the infringer removes the materials, but once or twice the webhost has stepped in and taken down the entire website and suspended the account... but that’s when the person was refusing to remove the materials otherwise.

    Also, as I’ve further investigated the type of copyright infringement for the person I mention in my article, it appears that he could actually be arrested for fraud. This is because he’s not only passing off all these copyrighted articles as his own but he’s also potentially earning income from them as well - he has AdSense ads posted on these pages plus his blog is directly linked within his business site’s main navigation.

    So what he’s doing is VERY serious and has potential prison time... this particular circumstance goes beyond copyright infringement.

    Regarding writing to Google AdWords, I don’t know if he has a Google AdWords account or not, but he DOES use AdSense. And I DID send a DMCA complaint to Google AdSense, in addition to Google Search and Yahoo! Search - since my copyrighted materials on his website started showing up in search results.

    The person’s webhost, Google AdSense and Google Search all replied quickly to my DMCA complaints. They ALL take this very seriously, and I’m thrilled to see this. :-) I haven’t heard from Yahoo! yet, but I’m sure I will this week.

    People do need to take online copyright infringement seriously.

    I also hope that increasingly more people will take action against people who do this - and what I mean is to at least send copyright infringement complaints and request/demand that the infringers remove the copyrighted materials.

    Via my resource links above are sample letters and lots of helpful information on this. Plus, once you write your first one you can pretty much use that as a template for any you need to send off in the future. So it really doesn’t take much time at all. The situation in this article is highly unusual and took a lot more time since he continued to ignore my requests/demands until he got the registered, certified letter with copies of what I sent to Google, Yahoo, and his webhost’s attorney. I rarely have to push it that far.

    Bottom line to me, though, is that people just need to do the right thing, be honest, and not take stuff that belongs to someone else - online or offline. There’s a saying that a person of integrity is one who does the right thing whether or not anyone is looking. :-)

    10:29 pm, pst 4 March, 2008Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  • Respecting Copyrights Online

    Well done!

    Obviously this is a person who is draining alot of people of time, money and talent. A Leech on others good work. And he/she doesn’t care either, otherwise they would have taken down the content (which is great and I have learned from btw) after you emailed him/her.

    It’s a shame there isn’t a law saying the web-hosts must remove a site for a week for copyright infringement.

    I think it’s really bad you had to pay $40 plus all the time you wasted, to get the perp to remove your content.... and how bloody cheeky to not only steal your advice, but also steal your bandwidth too by linking to your images!

    Scum of the earth. Maybe you should email Google ad-words as well and get their account suspended.

    04:47 pm, pst 4 March, 2008Comment by Gary Storm

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  • Destroy Those Old Hard Drives

    There is a rapidly emerging service for the secure shredding of hard drives. This is analogous to the development of the paper shredding industry. Five years ago it was difficult to find a paper shredding service. Today there are hundreds of companies offering both mobile and plant based paper shredding services. With the realization that today 90% of all records are stored in electronic format and that a single 100GB hard drive contains as much information as 50 tractor trailer loads of paper, why wouldn’t it make sense to offer a secure hard drive (PDA, cell phone, thumb drive) shredding service. The National Association for Information destruction (NAID) certifies secure data destruction companies both paper and hard drive shredders. Their website is a good place to look up a reputable shredder. Shredding is not expensive. ($10.00 or so per drive).

    04:01 pm, pst 5 January, 2008Comment by Dan Bayha

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  • Upcoming IE8: Interview with Bill Gates by Molly Holzschlag

    Hi, SchizoDuckie,
    Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I also hope their 'evolutionary steps' don’t take 1,000 years, either. ;-)

    Well, if they’d supported standards better all along they wouldn’t have that mess to clean up.

    I’m thrilled with the forward progress of IE7 - BUT it’s far from enough progress, as we know - especially now that we’ve worked with it for a little while now.

    Like many, I’m disappointed with what IE7 still doesn’t support with CSS, and it can be quite frustrating at times. That said, though, IE7 is still a WHOLE lot better than IE6.

    Looking back over the past 10+ years, we’ve come a long way with standards, thankfully. It’s now a very different world that way, but we’ve still got more to go with IE - at a minimum to at least to catch up with other current browsers.

    02:29 pm, pst 6 December, 2007Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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  • Upcoming IE8: Interview with Bill Gates by Molly Holzschlag

    What I especially do *not* like is the part about 'evolution'... I *really* sincerely hope that they will not just add more band-aids to the Trident engine as it is. Maybe salvage it for the old crappy tag-soup (one could identify that quite easily) but *please* oh *please* build something for the people who *do* adhere to the standards that will implement them correctly without any quirks

    12:30 pm, pst 6 December, 2007Comment by SchizoDuckie

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  • Are Google AdSense Ads within YouTube a Good Thing?

    I think that the nearest year Google AdSense Ads will not receive significant development.

    01:06 am, pdt17 October, 2007Comment by TMaxim

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  • Creating a Blog Entry Date Calendar Icon Look with CSS, Mostly

    Nicely done Shirley, thanks for the insights on how you achieved this effect.

    06:46 pm, pst25 February, 2007Comment by Douglas Clifton

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  • Creating a Blog Entry Date Calendar Icon Look with CSS, Mostly

    Really nice tutorial and a great affect too. I also came from Google Reader. I’m assuming you don’t mind if people take the idea and the code you’ve presented to create their own - not sure if I’d ever get round to it myself though.....

    04:30 pm, pst23 February, 2007Comment by Andy

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  • Creating a Blog Entry Date Calendar Icon Look with CSS, Mostly

    Cool tutorial, thanks.
    I usually read your site in google reader, but I saw this and I decided to actually look at your website, sweet design.

    07:26 am, pst23 February, 2007Comment by Shayne

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  • Tool to Automatically Harmonize Colors

    Wow! If that can be made into a Photoshop plugin, that would be amazing.

    03:20 pm, pst18 January, 2007Comment by Ian Adams

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  • New Web Accessibility Articles, Accessible Style Switching

    Informative, do you know how to implement this feature into wordpress? I want to built in this feature into my site.

    01:59 am, pdt29 October, 2006Comment by milo

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